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Anti Cancer, a new life

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Nana b
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I ordered this audio book and so far have found it quite interesting. Someone posted it early January, so I ordered it. David Servan Schreiber is the author who battled brain cancer. I am only on the second CD but so far he talks about how cancer progresses/multiplies in the body, studies, conclusions and how important a healthy immune system is for cancer survival. Interested, here is the TOC


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Thanks for the tip. Looks like a must read!


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just wanted to say what a great pic you have! ;-)

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Got the book, am 1/2 finished, he makes really good points. A lady in the infusion room was reading it also we decided no matter what if we did what he presents we would at least feel better! Thought I would have to give up pizza but realized I could make it with whole grain crust, veggies, oliive oil and basil a bit of cheese (I don't like cheese anyway) and I would have a good for you pizza! Then there is burchetta- put it on a whole grain baggett and I would have the perfect cancer fighting food!

Then there is cancer cell apoptosis caused by eating blueberries-go get'em blueberries, I am ordering a blueberry bush this weekend. I think this is a way of life I could really get used to, except for getting rid of ice cream- I love ice cream, but I have not had any since November 14th because of the effects of oxi.

By the way Cabo agrees with you great picture!
Take care.

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Nana b
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Joined: May 2009

I planted a blue berry bush and when it went dormant, my husband pulled it out, he thought it was dead...it had already been in the ground two years. He did the same with my cilantro he thought it was weeds. lol now, not then!

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We have been reading this book too. Our prayer is that Dick has a clear scan at the end of March and we can start living the Anti Cancer way. It does make sense to us too.


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Kim read this and said it's the best cancer book she's read. The puppy chewed it up before I got a chance to read it; so I'll have to get another copy.

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Nana b
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Joined: May 2009

Blend up some fruit, bananas, blue berries, strawberries.....I add a activa yogurt to the mix and presto, ice cream! ;-) I need to check that activia label, but I am out to find some blue agave sap for a sweetner. my husband and daughter are all about sweets! Sugar!!!!!!!

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Now I can have my pizza and ice cream (well the ice cream will have to wait until chemo is finished-oxi problems) I will also be going the organic milk route, it is very pricy, but since I won't be investing in meat too much it should equal out.
My husband uses blue agave some said it is not too bad. What about "stevia", the sweetner they advertise?

At least after reading this book I feel I can help myself and I am not doomed to what ever happens, I think that in it's self is very helpful.

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Thanks for the info, Nana. I just went on amazon.com and ordered it, along with The AntiCancer Diet and 50 Things to Do If You have Cancer. I'm looking forward to reading them all and making some changes!


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Nana b
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Nana b
Posts: 3045
Joined: May 2009

Blue berries, raspberries and cherry's break down glucose. We should never eat sweets alone, is creates insulin and causes it to spike. If you have to have sweets eat it with a meal. No margarine, it does not break down or lose is shape when sitting out. Go for butter, if you have to have it. Never eat the peels of an apple it's loaded with pesticides, unless it's organic. Eat things that reduce inflammation like pineapple.

That's it for now, time for American Idol. :-)

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I read it and it's great.
Any other great books for the positive thinking mind ?

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Thanks for the tips from the book! I can't wait to blend the fruit! Yum!

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Nana b
Posts: 3045
Joined: May 2009

Today I learned that we need to focus on Omega 3 and not 6. The following is only off of memory, maybe someone with the book can list the good and bad food for us. I am going to relisten to CD 4 and take notes.

Good for us, actually helps inflammation

Turmeric along with pepper
Blue berries
Black Berries
Green Tea and turmeric diet work well together
Brussel Sprouts
Sweet potato/yams
Olive Oil
Grape seed Oil
All fresh fruit, organic is better, but melons, pineapple, things with thick skins don’t have to be organic


White Bread
White Rice
Beef, chicken from cows that are not grass fed (corn fed is not good)
Fish is good, but the bigger the fish the more fish it has eaten with toxins, they are at the top of their food chain.
Milk, butter unless cows were grass fed
Vegetable oil, corn oil,
White potatoes

Not so good

Cucumber (others but I can't remember them now, on my lunch, Eating brussel sprouts cooked in a bit of garlic and olive oil)

Rice, eat it brown if you have too

Get plenty of exercise
Stress if bad for you, really bad, need to try and do yoga
Smoking, not good…

Do a switch, have meat with you veggies, not vice versa (for those that have to have meat)

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If you saw the CBS news report last night about healthy chickens, pigs, and cows being fed boatloads of antibiotics to improve the farmers bottom line and what it is doing to their employees and to our immune systems you will never buy that cheap stuff again. It's cheap for a reason, you get what you pay for. I watch for specials now and stock the freezer when there are good ones. I've been eating like this for 6 years now and the price of free range good chicken is half what it was and much easier to find. All of my local grocery stores carry products now.

Check out your local area to see if you have a organic creamery close by (inquire in your local health food store). I found one and the milk is the same price there that I can buy the "poisoned" stuff at the grocery since there is no middle man. They also have the best ice cream in the world for my rare splurges.

Lisa P.

PS Freeze 1/2-1 banana before adding to your smoothie and it helps with the "ice cream"/thick texture.

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I think it is a very good book, a bit confusing to read at times, but I liked it.


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