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Great news !

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We just got back from the hospital to meet my husband's surgeon for the postop pathological report.
WHAT GREAT NEWS ! All lymph nodes removed tested negative and the piece removed from the rectum was also cancer free. His surgeon feels these results are due to the five weeks of the radiochemo he received prior to his surgery. We were so happy with this result and it really gave my man a big boost. His energy level is really low right now but we did go out for a 10 minute walk at the end of the afternoon. He was operated on only 8 days ago and I encourage him in any way I can. The nurses from home care who help him out with his temporary illeostomy are amazing.
We've been taking sleeping aids since the beginning of this adventure but tonight I think I'll have a glass of wine instead. His chemo should start in March but I'm sure he'll do great. Hope this message is a help for those who are at the start of this adventure.
Take care and thank you for the support of everyone on this board. I'm here everyday to share or to nourish from your experience and wise words.
Take care

Julie 44
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Dear Theresa,
That is so great to hear...Walking is great to get your energy back...Just curious
So if his lymph nodes and rectum were cancer free why is he going to do chemo????
Enjoy your wine and celebrate...Julie

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Since he was a stage 2 to start out, with a tumor blocking half of his rectum the oncologists at our hospital don't want to take any chances that some small cancerous cells are floating around somewhere ready to attack. As they explained it's sort of an insurance
policy against it coming back. I think they're playing it safe and we're going along with it.
When we meet the oncologist in two weeks you can be sure we'll ask him all the questions.
Any of you had chemo after surgery when no evidence of cancer was found from pathology ?
Kind regards

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after surgery when no evidence of cancer was left per pathology. I was Stage II with no evidence of lymph node involvement. My oncologist explained the percentages to me and left me with the decision whether to have chemo.I *think* she said my percentage of it NOT coming back increased about 7% if I had chemo.She also explained that there is a grey area with stage 2....guess that is a way of saying they don't really know.

I have friends & relatives who are nurses and they actually encouraged me to have the chemo because they said they have seen stageII come back too many times without the chemo.
I respected their advice and things have so far been ok although the further you get into treatments the more they suck.The upside is you know that it is temporary.

Many good wishes to you and your husband.


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Thank you for sharing your experience. For now my husband and I are floating on a pink cloud.
We know chemo won't be easy but he did have no side effects fron his chemoradiation treatment.
As I say we'll cross the bridge when we get to it.
Good wishes to you

Fight for my love
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This is really wonderful news!I am so happy for you guys that the pathology report came out so good.This means the prognosis will be great too.

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That is really good news,walking is good,and it really helps when you have someone to walk with.I started out using a walker,that way I could rest when I needed to.Enjoy the wine,and I hope the good reports keep coming.

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Nana b
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That's great news Theresa! The radiation killed off all those icky cells and now the chemo will seek out and destroy any that might have escaped. It'll all be over in six months! Congrats!

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Hi Theresa,

Thanks for sharing this fantastic news with us! I am so happy for both of you!

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Fantastic news Theresa!! Thanks for posting the results! I am very happy for you and your husband.

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That's awesome! I'm so glad y'all got such good news.


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Chemo will be a lot easier to cope with knowing he is on the road to long-term NED. Good News! A nice short break now to heal and recover before chemo.

Be Well... Rob; in Vancouver

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Thanks for sharing about your husband, Theresa. :)
Sounds like he's doing great just eight days after surgery. Wonderful news about the all clear on the nodes and in the rectum!


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So glad to hear it!

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Keep up the great job...So glad you got this news.

Take care

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