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Have very thick uterus

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Hi, I have not been diagnosed with anything cancerous. But I have 3 children all were born by c-section. My last child was born in Oct. I never stopped bleeding after I had her. Sometimes it was heavy sometimes I spotted and other times just a wierd discharge. I went to the doctor and they done a transvaginal sonogram. They told me my uterus is too thick....about 30mm. They told me to take these pills called Provera for ten days unless I wanted to do a DandC. I opted for the pills as I have just had a csection. I came home and typed in thick uterus and the most common thing that popped up was cancer. I am just wondering if anybodys uterus was this thick or could this just be a normal thing? Kimmi in NC...thank you

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i'd like start by congratulating you on your 3 lovely children, you must be very busy. I never had children so i don't know how long one would normally bleed for but since october seems like a long time. I think you did right that you went to your doctor to have it checked out. I too have had a strange scan result and i haven't been diagnosed with anything as yet so i know how worried you must be right now. 33mm is quite thick (mine is 14mm) and yes the internet is full of sites about cancer. So it is very worrying. I have looked up the pills you were offered (provera - medroxprogesterone) it is a progesterone, a synthetic female hormone. It is used to treat a range of menstrual disorders such as mid cycle bleeding and absent periods. So it is often used to treat endometiosis. This is a condition that would certainly increase the thickness of you lining. The only thing is that these tablets have side effect such as persistened bleeding from your uterus. Proveran is also used to treat some types of cancer including of the uterus. My motto is 'better safe than sorry' so if i was you i'd ask my doctor for some further investigations just to make sure it is endometriosis. I hope that this has been of some use to you and that we both get a good result. Take care. Simone

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Yes it was very helpfull. Also made me feel good that I'm not alone out there. Just that I have searched and searched and nothing on a uterus that thick. But the meds have made me start to spot, so I am hopeful. He did say that I did'nt have endometriosis....even though my mom had a hysterectomy from that...but there might be a risk. I guess I am going to cross my fingers about the meds and just ride it out! Thanks a bunches for writing me..I was beginning to feel I was alone. Again thanks a bunches Simone. Sincerely Kimmi

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Don't be too worried because there are many things that may cause a "thick uterus". I am 55, no children, have supposedly completed menopause (my symptoms have been mild). A few months ago I had a routine pelvic ultrasound & transvaginal ultrasound. My doctor called a few days later because my uterus was a little "too large" (15cm). I had no pain, no symptoms of anything but she wanted me to have a uterine biopsy. I also went immediately to the Internet and was freaked out. The gynecologist who performed the biopsy said the lining of my uterus was thicker than normal and she thought I probably had endemetriosis. I was relieved to find out that the biopsy was negative for cancer and everything else - there was nothing wrong! She told me we would check on it in a year. I asked the doctor what caused the uterus lining to thicken and her answer was "it happens". Not the best reply but she and my primary care doctor aren't concerned so am putting my trust in them. Best regards.

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I don't want to worry anyone and I have a friend going through similar circumstances right now. My opinion, as I gave it to my friend... I would rather be safe than sorry. I would ask for a D&C which scrapes out the lining of the entire inner surface of the uterus. An endometrial biopsy can only take specimens for limited areas of the uterus. Seems like taking a big chance picking the exact spot that needs to be biopsied???? Just saying...
The biggest advantage you can have against uterine cancer is catching it early.

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