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I am fighting my second battle with leiomysarcoma. The first was a tumor in my virgina that was removed by surgery in Feb. 2007. I then was treated with 37 doses of radiation. Now the cancer is back, this time in both lungs. I am doing chemo (gemcitabine & docetaxel) but can't seem to get past the first dose. There was low white blood cell count after 1st chemo, so we waited 2 weeks for count to get up & took both doses again. Then had rapid heart rate 171bpm and was taken to emergency room & admitted to the hospital where they did all heart test (electrocardiogram, echocardiogram & stress test). Since this is a rare & agressive cancer there is not much info. out there. I'm just looking for someone who may have gone thru a similar battle with this cancer, knowing all along I will kick its butt just like the last time..............lbgirl

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I have just finished my last treatment of chemo and 1 week after doctor discovered another big tumor in my uterus. I'm wonder if your treatment worked?

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wondering how you are doing ? I'm in the same situation then you. The cancer is back in my lungs. Did you do well with the chemotherapy the second time.
It would be nice to hear from you or someone that suggestion about treatments.


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this is an lms site with a lot of help. it may help you with treatment info etc
for lms people only

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i was given a shot after every "round" of the same chemo that kept my wbc up - shot was neulasta

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I am on this site investigating some information on lung cancer for my husband when I see your message. I have a friend who was diagnosed with the same as you back in August 2008 and they did not give her much hope and she is still here. She also has it in her lungs and is living with it and last CT showed it had not grown. Originally she went to Mayo and followed an aggresive chemo/rad plan. Now since her oncologist does not really have a plan for her she is going to travel to MD Anderson in Texas to see what they say. So my opinion is if you have not done this already is to get some help from the experts. Good luck.

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