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snommintj, your opinion

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Hello John,
What do you think about the cancer treatment with phenergan:


Thanks and Best wishes to every body

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I came across this treatment when I was first diagnosed. I'm very skeptical about treatments with only one source. Which is why I haven't been to Neoplas yet. I do remember that I couldn't find any testimonials verifying it's effectiveness one way or the other. Whereas, there are several testimonials for Neoplas. I do believe in the mechanism by which it is predicted to work. I think mitochondrial reactivators will be the future of cancer treatment, even beyond nanotech hyperthermia treatments.

I would definitely consider the treatment. If I had exhausted all other avenues or was in between treatments or waiting for surgery it couldn't hurt. Phenergan is a common and safe drug with little to any negative side effects. I would probably add a regimen of DCA. DCA is believed to work via the same mechanism.

I would be interested in adding pheregan to the Neoplas regimen. See if you can get Lisa42 to try it. She will be getting her Neoplas results soon. If she added it after her next check up we could see if it enhances her treatment.

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