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Amazing things just keep happening

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Allright, so Here I am with my lovely, on my first anniversary after diagnosis of lung cancer waiting on my sisters. We are going to see the oncologist to find out the treatment plan for round two of chemo. I am actually excited to get it started. I am feeling a little something extra for some reason though. It's not just because of the anniversary. Don't really know why. Shouldn't be. Later on today I get to see my lung dr too. Anyway, we all meet my oncologist and between the four of us, he don't stand a chance. So we grill him for about 45 minutes, then he tells us what's in store. Could be up to 6 more months of chemo. It doesn't even phase me and I still feel that something extra. We go out and have a good lunch at Red Lobster and form the battle plan for my Pulmonary Dr. Once in his office he trys to get me down with, I have more fluid build up in the lung and will have to have it drained. Thats enough to get ya down, but it still doesn't even phase me. I know I am going to beat this thing cause I've got something extra in my tank. Don't know what it is but I got it. So a little later we go to Outback for dinner. As we're talking about my anniversary sis tells me to call mom she is probably feeling a little down. I say, how can she be down on my anniversary. And sis says well it's not just your anniversary. This is also the day Dad passed. Now ya know I didn't forget the date of my fathers passing. On the other hand, when the Dr showed me the x-ray of my tumor I don't remember the next 5 days. The whole next month in the hospitol was fuzzy at best. Then chemo started right after that. We all know what chemo does to the head. Thru that whole year, I never put the 2 anniversary's together. My Father passed from his fight with lung cancer on the same day I was diagnosed with it 8 years ago. This is very conflicting. But the more I think about it, the more I realize, that something extra I've been feeling all day is my fathers spirit. Letting me know he's got my back. He will be in this fight with me. With him, all my family, all of you, and God I will beat this. It's a done deal. Put a fork in it. Lets party. We're gonna have a celebration this coming month, Every one's invited, right here on this discussion board. When and where will be coming soon.

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Glenna M
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Jeff, what a beautiful story, and yes, your dad is there fighting with you. With him by your side you WILL beat this.

Bless you and keep on fighting!!

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