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Loss my sister

Posts: 15
Joined: Dec 2009

just lost my sister saturday at 5:40 pm
this cancer crap is tough

Posts: 84
Joined: Nov 2005

I am so sorry to hear that, there are no words that can describe the loss of a close friend, sister or loved one --she is no longer in pain and I'm sure when she crossed the river there were many friends and loved ones waiting for her on the other side.
My thoughts are with you....Paul

Posts: 21
Joined: Jun 2009

I am verry sorry to hear the loss of loved ones. My Prayers are with your family. It is true that now your sister is pain free. This Cancer monster takes away every thing in the life. I just can't imagin how to face it. My mom has stage 4 Lung cancer and she is fighting.
Every day I pray GOD,please dont give this horrible diease to any other human.
have faith and try to get on to your life. God bless your faimly

soccerfreaks's picture
Posts: 2800
Joined: Sep 2006

Cancer IS tough, as you point out, and that is all the more reason to celebrate those who successfully survive it as survivors AND caregivers.

I join others in expressing sympathy for your loss, but more important to me is that you realize you need to prevent cancer from taking more than it already has: you need to move forward and live your life, as do all of your sister's family and friends, else cancer will get more than it is genetically disposed to take.

If that sounds cold and callous now, you will eventually realize that it is on the mark.

Best wishes to your sister's family and friends.

Take care,


cobra1122's picture
Posts: 244
Joined: Jul 2009

I am very sorry to hear about your sister, but she is at peace now. Though, it is hard right now to believe you havent lost your sister she is right there with you in your memories and you can see and talk to her anytime you like, the pain will never go away, but it will less giving you more peace.
and your right this cancer is tough, thats why we need people such as yourself to standup and keep fighting for better treatments more research, and to keep the light an the Battle with Cancer and to Make people see that the losses to cancer arent just statistics but human beings with families.

My wife and I send you and your Family our prayers and best wishes at this time of loss and to let you know that you are not alone all you need to do is reach out your hand (so to speak)

Our Prayers and Best to You and your Family, and may your sister enjoy the rest she has sought.

Dan (cobra1122) and Margi Harmon

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