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Are you NED and exercise to help you stay that way?

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If so, the cancer center I go to (Univ. North Carolina @ Chapel Hill School of Medicine)is looking for volunteers to participate in a clinical trial helping cancer survivors just out of treatment get into and stay involved in an exercise program.

This will be the 5th trial/support effort I have contributed to there in the last 5 years and I find them to be super professional, trustworthy, and very attentive to my privacy concerns. As someone who hit her 5 year NED mark this past fall, I enjoy trying to help others that are regretfully having to follow my path; especially if it makes their road a little easier. Let me know if you do too.

The way I understand it they will provide patients just ending treatment with some training, education, and a smart phone on the value of exercise to help them stay healthy as part of their "exit appointment". The smart phone would have videos for education and motivational purposes. I've been asked to help them find some colorectal cancer survivors to provide their inspirational stories that might help someone stay focused during "a weak moment". You need to currently be NED and exercise regularly and they really could use more men and women of color. You do not have to be from the USA to participate.

If you are interested or want to know more, please send me an email (PM) here and I will get you in touch with the trial coordinator.

Thanks semi-colons and I hope 2010 is a great year for us all!!

Lisa P.

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I'd be VERY interested in this. I'm walking 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 miles per day at the mall and have purchased a Walk it Out for my Wii and a DVD of Walk the Walk/ Walk Aerobics.

Does age matter? I'm 59 and was a couch potato until my dx. I completed chemo four months ago and my four month check up showed me NED.

Sending that PM now. :o)


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No Diane, I think the being an EX couch potato is much more important and helpful then your age.

Let me know what you think of Walk the Walk. I have found music to be key for in my indoor workouts and they have some good songs on it.

I've got you on the list and will be in touch.

Thanks, Lisa P.

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I sent you a response thru email....

Hugs, Kathi

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Thank you for this information. I sent you a pm.

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I also PM'd you for info!

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to see if anyone else is interested................

got 8 so far, thanks everyone!!!

Lisa P.

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I wish I could be a part of that but I don't think I qualify. I was declared NED on December 1st. My New Years resolution was to get up off my butt and exercise....daily. I built a gym in my home with many pieces of equipment. My inventory ranges from a treadmill to an exercise bike to Richard Simmons. I must say I have stuck with it and feel sooooo much better. I have lost 71 pounds and still have at least 50 to go. The reason I don't qualify is because I still have 2 more treatments to go but then I go to taking a few pills a day as a maintenance chemo...and thats forever. So, I will never be free from treatment of some sort. Good luck to you and everyone else that gets to participate in this!!


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You go girl!!! 70 plus pounds, that is awesome. I will definitely mention your successes and if it was up to me you'd be right in there. I'll let you know.

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I am very intersted in this...I am NED - but still have 4 rounds of folfox to do.....I cannot figure out the PM thing - if you can send me one with the info - and if I would qualify now - or when I am finished with the last 4 chemo's.

Thanks for the info!

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Hi Lisa,

I currently go to the Cancer Center of NC in Raleigh but have really been struggling about changing to UNC's cancer center. I live in Siler City so it would certainly be closer.

I like my current doctor but sometimes I wonder if I am getting the BEST possible care.

If you don't mind, can you tell me a little bit about what stage cancer you have, how long you have been going to UNC, doctor recommendation, etc?

By the way, I am stage IV at 39 yrs of age. I had a small spot on my liver about the size of a quarter and some involvement in my lymph nodes around my abdomen.

Thank you,

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Joined: Apr 2004

You can read all about my cancer "stuff" on my personal web page but heres a quick version I was dxed stage IV Feb 2004 at 49 and am currently NED and have been for 5 years (very lucky!!!!). I had 3 mets in my liver and 1 to my left lung. I see Dr Steven Bernard and have since I got my second opinion but have heard great things about all their GI oncologists.

How did you end up in Raleigh from Siler City???? Please get a second opinion at Chapel Hill or Duke (you are so close to both of them and other than Wake they are our only comprehensive cancer centers in the state. UNC is a state supported hospital so it takes ALL insurances, Duke is private but if you've got good insurance it probably won't matter which one you go to. If you go get a 2nd opinion the worst thing that can happen is they will totally agree with your current treatment plans. Best is they give you some other options to pick from and options are always GREAT!!!

Let me know if I can help in any other way Joan.

Lisa P.

PS. I live midway between Greensboro and Burlington and know exactly where Siler City is. Camped at the Devils Tramping Ground one Sat night while in college MANY years ago.

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Paula G.
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Good to see you on the board. Glad you are doing this. Stay well Lisa. You helped me so much at the start of our cancer hell. I appreciate you. Happy New Year to you. Paula

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How are you? How is JR? I lurk once or twice a week but am pretty busy lately and loving it. I look forward to sharing notes with you 2 in 5 years.

I like it when the hospital calls me for support reasons instead of other "news"!!!!!

Hugs and kisses to you both and send some of your warm weather this way, I'm a southern girl and don't do 15 degrees very well.

Lisa P.

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Hi Lisa

I would be interested as well. stage 4 NED since 11/08.


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Dear Lisa:

I just finished my last chemo and plan to get back into a regular exercise program. I live in Northern Connecticut, so I am not sure how I might get involved, but I am willing to pursue. Please send any details and I will look into it.

Good for you on your exercise. I do believe this is one of the many answers to a better post cancer life.



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