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Hey Everybody!
I was in Arlington, Texas from Jan. 1st - 5th. I went to see my FAVORITE team..the Dallas Cowboy's.. on Sunday and watched them beat the pants off the Eagles. What a terrific game!!!....and what a terrific stadium!!! My oldest daughter, Niki, went with me. We had a blast!

On Tuesday evening we met up with Craig and Eric in my hotel lounge. We stayed at the Sheraton and it too was a fantastic place. I was sooooooo excited to meet those guys. They are just what I expected. The Eric and Craig we talk to on the board.... is exactly as they are in person. Please Note: All you single ladies.... Eric is a hotty!!! Craig is too but he is spoken for! We ate and had some hard core drinks (water and soda... lol)and talked about a lot of you. ALL GOOD mind you. How could it be anything else??? It was just so nice to finally meet some of my extended family. It sure would be great if we could ALL meet at some place....sometime!

I put a pic of us on "my expressions" in my profile. I tried to post it as my Avatar but I seem to have a problem with that. Shut up Phil! I had to cut my visit to Texas short as my back pain was getting worse. However, the time I did have was unforgetable.....and so are Craig and Eric.... YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

Peace :) Jennie


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Thank you, Darlin'

The Gates of Texas blew right open when you hit town, Jennie - you are a vibrant personality and it was so much fun spending time with you and your daughter. It was sooo nice to finally meet you in my hometown! You surpassed my expectations...better than I could imagine!

Niki is also a sweetheart! A very lovely young lady, very warm and genuine with a big smile - I enjoyed so much meeting and talking with her. She must take after her Mom, LOL.

I wish we had more time to take in the sites in my area, but another trip perhaps :)

It was a wonderful experience to have you and Eric sitting at the same table - sort of a mini Semi;Colon convention :) I look forward to seeing you again in the future. If you get back this way, the door is always open for you and Niki and your family.

If I ever get anywhere near any of you, I will definitely call to see if we can get together -the friendships formed from this board are REAL, folks - the Real Deal.

I know my life has been enriched a "thousand fold" and meeting you face-to-face has been a great experience for me...the memories formed and the laughter shared, well money just can't buy it, you know?

As Emily says..."Semi;Colons ROCK." And so do YOU, Jennie

Take care and thanks for a great evening - hope the Texas hospitality was all that you had read about - "everything is bigger in Texas."

Love you/Craig

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Sounds like fun! Wish we could have all been there with you. Another time another place. Who knows?

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What a blast. I wish I was there with you guys and have a few of them stiff drinks (LOL). Our fellow semi Jesse is coming down to my area in early Feb with his family and we're going to hang out for a day or two, Maybe we'll do Disneyland (We both have kids). He doesn't post here much anymore but he sure is a great guy as all of you are. It sure is nice to have family all over the world like we do isn't it? I love it. I'm glad you guys had a wonderful time and I bet that new Cowboy staduim was something else. Are you the one that triped over the plug on the giant screen and knocked the power out? LOL


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Now I'm totally jealous of you. You met two of my favorite guys! I bet y'all had a blast!

If any of y'all hit NC, let me know!


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Thanks for the compliment. I enjoyed meeting you and your daughter, you are both very sweet women. I am sorry you had to cut your visit short and I hope everything went as well as it could with the mri. I also hope that you are feeling better and getting good pain meds. We won`t tell what really happened in Arlington. What happens in Arlington stays in Arlington.

Before you other semi colons get any bright ideas, nothing really happened. The meeting was pleasant and enjoyable but very subdued. Jen and I couldn`t even drink a lick of alcohol because of meds we are both on and Craig and Jen`s daughter refrained. We drank a lot of water between all of us. It was a wild night of hardcore water consumption and cancer talk. wooooo hooooo! Joking aside - I really enjoyed the company.


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How great to get to meet some of the people from here in person.

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How great to get to meet some of the people from here in person.

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How wonderful that the 3 of you got to hang out! Love seeing the semis together.
Best to all of you.


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Great pic you guys!!! I would love to meet people from here as well, you are so lucky to have met my Lion and Bro, Craig and Eric, I'd give anything to meet them!! I'm glad you all had a blast, and one of these days, we will all hook up as well!


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This meeting sounds so fun, I wish I could have been there to meet all you guys. Patti

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Paula G.
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That is so cool that you guys were able to meet. We met Leslie (Lesvanb) here when she came to see her Onc. Her and her husband are real nice people. As you said how could anyone here be bad to meet. Thanks for your post Jennie. I hope you stay well. Paula

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I bet y'all had a GREAT time! Loads of laughter, too. Maybe someday we'll all get to meet.


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What a wonderful experience to be able to meet up like that and be able to put a name, voice and emotion all together. Glad that you all had a such a great visit. Also, it's good that you said only good things about us all :)


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It had to be a blast. All I can say is SOMEDAY we're are going to have a place to reunite. I hope eventually, sooner than later, anyway, we can all pull this off. Trying to work with some airlines and the perfect spot. If in when it comes about we will all Smile, Share and the Rock the Semis. Glad you three had a great time. Make it a great Day!
goofyladie (Cass)

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I'm jealous too. What great guys!

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