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burning at the end of urination: recurrence or radiation damage?

thank you
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My mom has 4 days now that complains of some burning sensation at the end of urination. She does not have frequent urination to suggest infection.
I wonder if any of you are aware of this symptom as a sign of recurrence or radiation damage.

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This symptom could have so many benign causes. Unfortunately, once we have a cancer diagnosis, we start looking at every minor problem as a sign that the cancer has returned.

I'm sorry that your mother is having burning with urination. How long ago did she complete radiation? The best thing would be to check with her radiation oncologist. In the meantime, cranberry juice and baking soda baths might help.


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had this myself shortly after finishing chemo...first few times is occurred I drank lots of fluid, did Kegel exercises (my bladder did not feel like it was where it was supposed to be..the urine was shooting out at an odd angle); do cranberry tablets rather than juice; the juice has too much sugar and not enough cranberry concentrate to make much difference...it just makes Oceanspray richer; just recently had the symptoms again; saw the dr for a urinalysis and indeed it was an infection
good luck

thank you
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thanks for your commends....
Have happy new year!!!!

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actually, I meant to write "drinking cranberry juice and taking baking soda baths." The sentence as originallyw ritten sounds as if I am recommending adding both to a nice hot bath. NOT.

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I did chuckle when I read that.....quite an image!! :)


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I've had the same problem for several months. My oncologist did a urinalysis that came back negative for infection, and I have not had a recurrence. He recommended I see a urologist if the problem persisted. I read online that this can be related to a lack of estrogen, although my doctor has not confirmed this.

Hope your mom is able to get some answers.


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Burning with urination can occur with chemo or radiation. There is no way to know if it is a urinary tract infection unless you go in and get a urinalysis and urine culture. I had it several times when in treatment but then it never came back. I would call my Doctor and go in.


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I have a little since the brachy treatments but I also have a history of UTI's. Also, yeast infections can cause the same symptom which also can be caused by lack of estrogen. What I do to prevent UTI's is drink 100% cranberry juice (Northland or Adam and Eve) I have tried cranberry capsules but found that for me they weren't as good. For yeast lots of yogurt with live cultures or live Acudophilus Probiotic. (This can be found in a health food store). I like the liquid since it's in the system faster. It's like eating the ginger raw instead of pill form. The liquid is bitter so you can add it to yogurt or a little juice.

Susie (Lilly the Clown)

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