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surgery cancelled- peritoneal mets

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Well, my husband was supposed to have a 2 staged liver resection but when they looked around with the laprascope, they found lots of peritoneal seedlings that weren't showing up on his scans but that had grown since his colon resection in July. Merry *^%!@# Christmas to us! Sorry, had to get that out :)

He starts back on chemo this week and I'd love to hear from anyone who has had success with chemo for peritoneal spread and if anyone has been able to go on to a liver resection after having mets in the peritoneal lining. Thanks!

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I am so sorry to hear this. I hope both husbands recover from surgery OK and that they find a treatment that works. This is hard news but the clinical trials should offer some hope. My prayers are with your families.


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Thanks for the prayers Kathleen. We need all the prayers we can get right now. See Dr on Thursday to discuss next treatment. Thanks again. Blessings to you today.

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I too have peritoneal cells. My colon resection was Dec, 2006. Stage 3. Then found "liver tumor" in Feb, 2008. So had liver resection that year and they found the perit. mets. at that time. The surgeon did both, liver resection, and removal of 98% of perit.seedings. The liver biopsy came back benign...So anyway, i have been on systemic chemo since post op. Doing well and has been 2 years since. So i remain hopeful, and go living my life, and feeling well most of the time except on my bad chemo days. Good luck, think positive thoughts about the chemo. My thoughts are with you. Mary

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I know you much feel very deflated- ready for surgery- the hope to cut the beast out- only to have this news. I am sorry you are going through this. My husband's peritoneal mets were discovered during his colostomy. They did a colostomy prior to chemo and any other surgeries to focus on systemic chemo.
Your situation made me think of another question for our onc.- how do we know if the chemo is addressing the peritoneal mets since they do not show up on scans?
I will be thinking about you and your husband- sending kill the cancer vibes your way!


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Hi, I too have peritoneal spots, very tiny with ascities. So I was put back on folfox with Avastin. It's been rough and it put me in the hospital for two day last week. But I'm going to be looking into Dr Sugarbaker's treatment with heated chemo. I've read some good stuff about that. Just a suggestion. God bless you and stay strong.

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Second and third opinions should be made mandatory.

I would strongly suggest getting another opinion (or two) from
doctors that are not part of the same "group" or association.
Going to another city would be a good idea.

A doctor's opinion, is just that: an "opinion".

Don't settle for one, get more... you owe that to yourself.

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Thank you everyone! I've been reading up on HIPEC and had asked the surgeon about that after he told me about the new mets. He and the onc at UVA said that wasn't really an option (I assume because of the liver mets) but the onc in our hometown mentioned it as a possibility if he continues responding well to the chemo. The hard part is that really taking care of the liver mets with RFA or some other option means going on a chemo break, which would allow the peritoneal mets to continue growing and doing the HIPEC means a long break from chemo which would allow the liver mets to get going again. I don't have a good sense of the peritoneal mets yet but it sounds like they can be pretty resistant to chemo and it's really hard to gauge how they are responding to to chemo because they can be scattered and numerous but not show up on scans.

I had been feeling so hopeful before the surgery that we had a really good chance at beating this thing and now feel knocked back into that dark place where hope is hard to find...

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Hi Ladies

This is a case where I do not have experience with these treatments in particular, but the poasts and responses made me at least reach out and send the best wishes possible on a treatment. If I can't help, I at least want to support you both.

It's just hard reading where things don't work as planned - there is a helplessness sometimes to want to help and realizing that you can't.

I am following both of your stories and am hoping for a positive result for you both.


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I appreciate your comments and support. We are so discouraged at this point. Nothing has gone right since the resection did not take place. We tried a clinical trail called KRN330 - didn't work, bad results and experience. Allergic reaction to the drug, not to mention it was a weekly treatment. No mets to the lungs....not been on treatment since Oct. Will see our oncologist this Thursday. Hoping he will offer at least offer some encouragement as he has not the last few times we've seen him. So hard, this bully called cancer!

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Hi, you can read about my sisters story on my profile. Here is the latest update; she was scheduled to have liver resection 08/09 but during pre-op they found the cancer spread to two lymph nodes. The liver resection was cancelled and she was put back on chemo. That same Dr. basically gave up. She did not! She too has peritoneal mets, from day one of diagnosis. 9 months of chemo later and she is scheduled to see a liver surgeon in January! Her latest PET showed the lymph, liver and peritoneal mets all shrinking and her new onc. thinks she could be a candidate now for liver resection. For those of you on the east coast, check out Dr. Labow at Mt. Sinai. He too does HIPEC and liver resection and does not think liver mets are a deal breaker to HIPEC. Sugarbaker is HIGHLY selective from what I have been told. Do not give up! This is not a deal breaker. I am praying for you both.

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