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I wrote Kimby's son via Facebook to ask if she is okay and would sending cards be okay. Here's his reply. :o)

She is fine. she has been busy pretty lately and probably just hasn't been checking her things online. thank you for the concern and she will absolutely love the silly cards. she is a very silly person and it will bring a few laughs as well as a few tears probably. but yes she is doing well but has over done it a bit over the holidays and is just tired.

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That's good to hear. I was starting to get worried too!!

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Ok, that's good to know - thanks for the update, Diane...we can relax now as the mind always get to wondering...see you when we see you, Kimby...it will all still be here :)


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I really appreciate you getting a hold of someone to give us an update. So very glad to hear she is okay, was really get a bit worried there.

Thanks again.


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Thank you very much for this!!! Hugs to Kimby, hope she gets some rest.


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Is an awesome lady, one of the most inspiring people here that I met when I first came here, as a scared little kitty!

She loves to laugh, and make people laugh, I remember her telling the stories of how she would make the chemo nurses laugh as well, when she would striptease on her IV Pole, she is such a joy!

Thanks for the update, and hearing her being busy made me smile, and glad to hear she was! Hopefully we will hear a peep from her soon. :)


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Thank you so much~good to know she is okay.


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Thanks for letting us know, Diane!


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That is great news. I'm glad that she is doing ok as I really miss her on the boards. I thought she was going to post an update some time ago and hadn't heard back from her so this is good news.


Fight for my love
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It's so good to know she is fine.Thank you so much for the update.I feel like I don't have to hold my breath any more because I was really worried.

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Paula G.
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I have been thinking about her so much. I am glad to hear she is okay and busy. Thanks for the update. Paula

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