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My mom starts Chemo tomorrow with Xeloda.

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My mother was diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer in September 09. It has spread to her liver, ovaries and lymph nodes. It was hope that with surgery they would have been able to remove the large tumor in her stomach, but it was attached to the pancreas and too risky a procedure, so they gave her a secondary stomach and sew her up. The surgical cut has now healed, and tomorrow she starts Chemo with the drug Xeloda. The doctors gave her 2-3 months to live on September 22. I am hoping that with the Xeloda we can buy more time for her. She has lost a considerable amount of weight, and at times, it seems like I have to force her to eat. The clock is ticking and I am not sure if she should start the Xeloda. Please can someone tell me if this drug helps. Lost and scared daughter.

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read your comments and wanted you to know that I have had good results with xeloda. I was diagnosed with stomach cancer in Jan 2009, had total gastrectomy in Feb 2009 where it was discovered to have spread to my abdomen and pancreas, so did 6 cycles of EOX (epirubicin, oxiloplaten, and xeloda) started in May and completed in Sept.
A CT scan in Oct. showed no evidence of metastatic growth, so my oncologist told me I am in remission. We are hoping that I stay that way for a long time!!
I will pray that your mom has good response to the chemo, and that God helps you to remain brave, strong, and supportive for your mom.

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Thank you Russ for the reassurance. Today is day 3 and she has only vomited twice, and one incident cant be quite attributed to the Xeloda. So far so good. Her right foot did start to burn and tingle a bit, but I am continuing to moisturize and massage regularly.

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Just dont worry everything will be alright and there will not be any issue with having chemo as, it will soon get recover.


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Hello, my mother was on it, but in a combination program with Radiation. She has Stage III Pancreatic Cancer. There was nothing that I really noticed with the drug. The reason why I say this is because it was not until the end of the radiation treatment did she start to feel horrible, and the Doctor's told us it was more like the radiation taking effect. I wanted to say though, I was told if there is any swelling of the feet, this is a warning sign (at least for my mother) to look out for - increased infection. Hope all goes well and I wish you luck. If you ever need to speak with someone, I am here because I am 26 and taking on the world with my mom being sick. Feelling a little alone most of the time.

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Hello. My wife has Stage IV stomach ca and just finished a 3, 3-week courses of chemo, including Xeloda. She tolerated the Xeloda ok, even though she doesn't swallow pills well. Her anti-nausea medicine was very effective (Ondansetron). The chemo stopped the growth of her tumors, but they didn't shrink enough to allow surgery. So now we are just waiting to see if the cancer continues to grow. God bless you and give you peace, gdoney

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Hi bajandiana,

I read your comments and wanted to know the current status about your mother.
Hope the diagnose is successfully done and the conditions are alright.
Looking for more updated information.

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how is yr mother doing?
my dad has the same stomach cancer that has spread to the liver. He is inoperable.
he is on OX (oxalipatin and xeloda) doctors here says that xeloda has very lttle side effects.
my dad feels very strong after the chemo. appetite is gd and weight is maintaing.
how are her subsequent tests results?
try papaya leaves.. new research claims it works on shrinking tumors.

sara sara
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hi my dad was also diagnosed to be having stage 4 cancer stomach with mets to nodes and liver . he had surgery that removed most of the tumor and now on chemotherapy including xeloda he is doing ok . he will be re-evaluated for its effect after 2 weeks prey for me

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