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Wishing you all a wonderful and Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas

I didn't want to get even busier and forget to drop by and wish you all a Very Merry Christmas.

Today we baked pies and did some last minute cleaning. Nick's girlfriend came for a gift exchange and supper. They sat around the Christmas tree in our living room, a fire in the fireplace and Christmas music playing (Jennifer's favorite songs were on Craig's CD :o) ) After supper, we attended a Candlelight Communion for our little city at our church. Oh it was lovely. After church, we rode around and looked at the Christmas lights.

My living room on Christmas Eve... Click Here

Tomorrow our middle son, his wife and her two girls are coming. We also invited a mentally challenged couple who attend church with us. They can't drive, so we'll run pick them up before our big meal. Loads of phone calls from the grown kids and grandkids who live far away, plus other relatives. I've already called my father and his wife and my mother. They'll all go spend Christmas Day with extended family close to their homes.

Presents have been wrapped for a very long time. Table is set. Scented candles are filling the house with that 'Christmas smell' .... Now just waiting for Santa!

Merry Christmas Again and God keep you in this coming year!


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Sounds like you are all set and ready to go..Good for you...I have just one more gift to wrap and then I am ready to go..Wow you will have a house full its so nice to have family and friends close to enjoy the holidays with...Hope you have a great day and ENJOY it all...Happy Holidays to you...JULIE

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Diane, sounds like you have everything under control. I would hate to tell you how much I have to do yet. However, I HAD to watch "It's A Wonderful Life." So I'll get back to work in a few minutes.


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The turkey is roasting, sweet potato souffle and dressing are ready for the oven. We're also having mashed potatoes and gravy, steamed broccoli, wheat rolls, tea, coffee, wassill, sweet tea, pumpkin pie and red velvet cake.

Won't be long now!

Nick got Beatles Rock band (with drums, guitar and microphone), 2 PS3 games, loads of clothes, a leather jacket, a necklace and a 32" flat screen t.v. for his room. He was so very kind and helpful all during chemo and I felt he deserved an extra big Christmas! Boy was he surprised!

I got 'The Notebook', 10 sweaters, a turtleneck, gift cards and movie tickets.

Jim got the remastered Beatles CD's, loads of other music and 6 DVD's of his favorite musical artists and one on the making of the Steinway piano. He asked for that one.

Back to the kitchen! Must NOT burn myself again! Danged Oxi !! I pick up hot things, not realizing they're hot at first. OUCH!

Don't eat too much!

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That sounds so lovely...leave a light on for me :)

Craig's CD, huh? How sweet of Jennifer - thank her for me, I'm glad it was a part of your holiday celebration and that your family really enjoyed it - makes me feel so good.

Sounds like you had a great time - one of those "Hallmark" moments, eh?



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By now you will be enjoying turkey sandwiches, left-overs, and turkey soup!

Christmas Blessings to you and yours... Rob; in Vancouver

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