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sister with stage 4 colon cancer

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hi, my sister was diagnosed with stage 4 cc in 3/09. Please see my page and read her story. We have been reading your stories for several months. You are soo inspiring. Thanks. I would love to hear from any of you


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Welcome to the board and sorry you're here cause of your sister's diagnosis. I hope that your family can forget the difficult news for a little while and enjoy the Christmas season. Spreading hope and cheer is sooo important to give people a reason to keep wanting to live for- there is HOPE- never let go of that!!


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Posts: 109
Joined: Jun 2009

LISA: Thanks for the quick reply. We have been following your posts in particular and it seems your cacncer is very similar to my sister's. We have beeen reading your posts and I would like to know how your treatment is going with Dr. Cantrell. I agree with you there is always hope, no matter what. Wishing you and your family a great holiday.


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Hi Amy... I want to welcome you and your sister to your family. I'm so sorry to hear your news and the proplems you're having with doctors. Try to forget about it all for Christmas. I know it will be hard not to think about it but try . I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.

Life is funny sometimes

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Read my profile. My sister was also dx stage IV cc mets to liver, peritoneum and ovaries in march of 09. She just turned 40! She has been on chemo since April. Her latest scan showed many many tumors dying and the latest news is that if she scans again just as good, she may be a serious candidate for liver resection. This has been a long, long, road. Do not give up HOPE! That is the one thing I have learned and also to be your own advocate. The doctors will not do it for you. Please PM me if you want to talk. Merry Christmas. I love the family on this board.

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Hey Amy, welcome aboard, I joined in not so long ago. I am CC with mets to liver and I did have them in the peritomium (sp) and omentum as well as lymphnodes. I recently had scans showing everything gone in the belly and still fighting the liver. I am heading for a Sir Spheres treatment in January. Google Sir Spheres or go on You Tube to see Dr.'s explain this procedure. Tell your sis to come on in and you both can post. God Bless you, Patti

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I am so sorry you have this horrible beast in your lives, but you did happen to find the BEST support group EVER right here. There are so many great people here, this will soon become your second family. I hope that your sister will feel comfortable enough to post here as well. I will be praying for her and please know if there is ever anything I or we can do all you have to do is ask.

PS I am a stage 4 cc Survivor and your sister will be too...Keep the faith

God Bless

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