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Joined: Nov 2009

Got chris scan results today. Mass in his left lung and elevated liver enzymes.. Im sad

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Hi Melanie,

I'm sorry to hear it and totally understand your sad feelings. I'm the one with cancer and have experienced recurrences twice. It's hopefully a mass that can be either surgically removed or taken care of through cyberknife or RFA. Make sure that you check out all options. Do take care- I'll be praying for Chris.


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Sorry to hear this news Melanie. I will be thinking about both of you.

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the news but please have faith and claim the healing God has waiting for him it only sounds bad to us God is up there waiting to be ask to heal I am prying for healing please keep us posted

Posts: 638
Joined: Dec 2009

the news but please have faith and claim the healing God has waiting for him it only sounds bad to us God is up there waiting to be ask to heal I am praying for healing please keep us posted

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So sorry to hear the news. Please try to stay positive. There are many here that have been through the same. Gain strength from their walking this path before Chris. They are proof that he can overcome this new hurdle. I will be praying for both of you.

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that really stinks and I am so very sorry for you both. I will remember you both in my prayers.

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worry to much about something you can do a lot about. Hopefully there will be several options going for you. There is always hope and always another opinion....Hope and Love, Clift...

Melanie and Chris, please take time to be sad, but not long, we have got to get it together again and get started on getting him back in shape. I know we all need to be sad every once in a while, but to long makes for depression and we sure don't need that sneaking in on us.

Again, Love and Hope.......Clift

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I'm sure you are sad right now. I'll be praying for both of y'all. Have you discussed treatment options?

Please know that we are here for you.


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Mel - I just saw your post. I'm sorry you did not get the results you were hoping for. My hubby also has mets in the lungs and liver. His liver stuff has remained good so I can't comment on that. Take the time to be sad, heck, have what I refer to as a total freakout then settle down, take a deep breath, dry your eyes, hold each other as tight as you can and explore your options if your current treatment is not doing its job. What did your oncologist say is the next step? Take care - Tina

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I am sooo sorry to hear your sad news. Just know you are in my thoughts and prayers!

Thinking of you both!

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Oh Melanie I am so sorry. I know as a spouse it is so hard when our loved ones get news that is not what we had hoped. I know you will have a plan soon but this is hard to take. I hope the two of you can get through this initial feeling of a set back and find a way to some joy for the holidays.
So sorry. I'm sending you a hug and praying for you.


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But do not lose HOPE. My sister, age 39 stage IV, had it spread to ovaries, liver and peritoneum. 8 months of chemo and many many tumors have shrunk. Her liver, once with 11 tumors, are down to a couple. Prayers for you and your family. Marie

Julie 44
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I just found out I also have liver spots and a lymph node that lite up in my PET SCAN in my chest cavity...I was not happy with the lack of treatment plan my oncologist at Sloan Memorial Kittering Cancer said so I am now going to see a liver specailist...Please if treatment doesn't sound right for you keep on looking for other docs and plans..There is sooo much out there you just need to be your own advacate and do all the reseach you can so you are armed with info when you go...Good luck and keep us posted....JULIE

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Nana b
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Praying for you.....

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Joined: Nov 2009

Thanks to ALL of you.. I love you guys so much and draw my strength from you! He is set to have a CT scan on the 29th then discuss treatment plan from there. I know there are always ups and downs and a time to be sad. I am so inspired from all of you and wish the best and pray for you all also.. Again thank you it means so much

Muah... Melanie

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