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Hi Everybody,

I guess I spoke too soon when I said that my 1st tx side effects were minimal. After I got unhooked last Wednesday, I started a migraine type headache that wouldn't respond to Tylenol. I also got a little nauseous - took pills but that wave just came and went. Thursday I had an accupunture treatment and felt so much better but the surgeon said my port looked a little too red so he prescribed Bactrim (anti-biotic) for 1 week. My appetite has been non existent but when I do eat, I get to feeling a little queasy. It's now Sunday and I'm still not up to snuff - still queasy in my stomach. Sometimes I get hungry but then don't really feel like eating all at the same time. Is this how you guys are? I thought it took 48 hrs. for the drugs to leave your system but it's been more than that and I'm still not "good". I'm trying to eat healthy stuff but sometimes that gets to be so unappetizing. Any thoughts or advice for me? I've lost 32 pounds since 10/16 and although I could have stood losing 40 pounds when I was okay, I feel that I'm losing way too fast.


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I survived Chemo, by eating food i loved no meat because it grossed me out, and no smelly food because it made me sick but chocolate cake and rice crispy and fruit i could eat, so i did.
So my advice to you is eat Cake. also take the meds they give you for feeling sick and ask for pain medicine it will help with the headache and the muscle pains. It took me a while to take the meds i did not want to be dependent but i found this does not happen if you only take them when you really need to, and skip days when you can.

If you can have your family eat without you and ask them not to cook around you, smells and stuff that make you sick. this will help.

Good luck and you will do just fine.

live, laugh, play

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i too ate my favorite food and it was choclate shakes and banana bread . and the shakes helped me maintain my weight.and i was getting the mouth sores so this was my diet for about 4 months... yum now i want a shake take care tammy

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CHEMO is acumulative,it does not leave your system in a couple days
if you keep getting headaches,ask your doctor for Tigan (trimethobenzamide)
it is an anti nausea and is also given to people who suffer migraines.
it works better than zofran for me. it tends to make me a little sleepy tho.
After my chemo treatment,
I usually feel REALLY crappy for three to four days,then SORTA crappy for a couple more
then just dog tired for a week ,and then it's time to start over!!

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do good at all on chemo and after 5 months of being off still dont feel good.i lost wieght like crazy.onc gave me megace and it really helped.as for tx i never felt good from one to the next.although the trick for me was to start taking the nausea meds before i got unhooked but for the most part i just slept.good luck and hang in there....Godbless....johnnybegood

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I had to miss a tx in November because of a sinus infection. Although my sinus killed me, I did start to eat better. I realized there can be life after chemo, so hang in there, you'll feel better after chemo.

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I think diluting and peeing out the chemo asap helped me LOTS!!! All summer I ate obnoxious amounts of watermelon. I mean at least half a watermelon PER DAY. Yes... I pee'd and pee'd but I really believe it drained that chemo out of me. When melon season was over I thought "what the heck am I going to do now??" I hate drinking water. BUT.... I bought an ice crusher and eat tons of crushed ice....over Pepsi. I really don't consume that much Pepsi as I just use it to flavor the ice... or Crystal Lite...... Only got sick to stomach 1 time and it was short lived. My appetite also was suppressed. I get hungry but NOTHING sounds good. I have lost 69 pounds.. BUT... I was real fat so it was no big deal. I still have plenty of fat to play with..lol. I do agree with what the others say. If any food sounds good...EAT IT! You do need the calories. Good luck


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your onc mentioned anything about appetite stimulants? there are prescriptions out there that help with the appetite. You can always try some good ole maryjane as well, which helps with nausea, and also gives me the munchies! it's legal in some states :)

I lost alot of weight during my hospital stays, since most was just me laying there, with blockages trying to clear up, but no food! I was down to like 110 lbs, from the 150 (I'm only 5'2) I was, when first diagnosed, and even my kids were worrying about me. I was looking skeleton scary, and even wore clothes too big for me, to make it look like I had more weight on...

My onc told me to eat anything, she didn't care what, but some sugars are good for you, and to keep putting weight on. Ensure, and other protein drinks, or some come in protein powders for shakes, which can help as well. I had Hot Fudge Sundae cravings, and had one every night for awhile, and I tell ya, I'm up too 130 now, looking healthier, I could have lost a few pounds, but I'm at where I want to be now.


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Some people only have the nausea for a couple days. Others (like me) really never have a day without it. Hopefully part of your trouble is the antibiotic - once you are off that you may feel better. I always have nausea troubles with antibiotics.

My worst days are after disconnect. From disconnect through the next couple days, I get really bad. I've been losing weight too. I love food, but right now have no appetite. I force myself to eat. I normally eat very healthy (lots of fresh fruits and veggies and whole grains - no red meat), but I've given that up during chemo. If something sounds like I might be able to get it down, I try. Mostly Cream of Wheat and mashed potatotes for me, and Gatorade for 5 days over chemo. Then I can start adding a few more things in. I can't eat a lot of my favorite foods - they don't taste right, and just won't stay down. One of the most important things is to stay hydrated, so if you can eat things like Cream of Wheat that have a lot of fluids in them, that helps.

On days you feel better, eat and drink as much as you can - get your strength back up before the next round. Don't worry about how healthy the food is right now. Your job right now is to get through chemo, staying as strong as you can - get as much protein and calories in as you can. When you are done with chemo you can switch to a more healthy diet.

Chemo is cummulative and takes a lot more than 48 hours to leave your system. It will affect you the whole time you are in treatment, and for a bit after you are done.

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Hi Laureen,
sorry you're feeling so junky, I know I too felt really sick after the disconnect. I would eat KFC'S mashed potatoes all the time, just to get some calories. It's a great comfort food. It'll get better over time, after you get the hang of things you'll know when to expect what and it just seems like you get a better feel for your body. Remember to stay hydrated as everyone else hAs said, anything with liquids to keep you hydrated is good. Oh I hope you feel better, take it easy, and be kind to yourself, it's really a rough time. I'll pray for you.
Take care

Fight for my love
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When you don't have appetitie,at least make sure you drink protein drink and eat some soup.The oncologist told my husband to eat whatever he can,if he wants to be on a diet,do it after chemo,because surviving the chemo is more important than a diet.

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each one is different but for me I drink 3 boost protin shakes a day and yogart will take the metal taste out of your mouth I have meds for the pain and nauseous will be there as long as you are undergoing chemo it is a part of it eat what you can and what you like I am to;d it will all be better once we get done I can't wait....

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During 6 weeks of chemo/radiation most food was hard to take. However, I found that the Baked Potato sour at Panera's was easy to eat. It may have been the bacon. Knudson's Just Cherry was what I drank. Sometimes I diluted it with water. Plain water was terrible tasting. I also drank a lot of Ensure. Liked the chocolate best. I had lost 40+ pounds during that period. Have gained ~20 back and am staying close to that. Good luck in the future.

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