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Banned from CSN / bigxbadxjohn

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Hello all,

Last Sunday my IP access code was BANNED from CSN. I have no idea why it was banned except someone did not appreciate my postings informing other cancer survivors about my horrible experience with the Coloplast Virtue sling that was implanted in my body WITHOUT my consent five (5) months ago.

The pain from this device has been intolerable since my surgery last July. I am scheduled for surgery at 6 AM tomorrow morning at The Cleveland Clinic to have as much of the Virtue mesh cut out of my body as possible. The surgeon is planning on implanting a Advance sling tomorrow after removing the Virtue mesh. I hope I can achieve the intended results of being dry, without intolerable pain, following tomorrow's surgery.

Since I expect to be BANNED again on CSN, for honestly telling other cancer survivors about my Virtue experience, you can see my post-surgery postings on: WWW.Healingwell.com

This site does not KILL THE MESSENGER when someone does not like the message. Cancer survivors deserve ALL the facts regarding cancer treatments and related devices.

I would not waste time on a site that decides what truthful information is allowed to be posted. This is both unhealthy to the point of being dangerous to cancer survivors like us.

I would appreciate hearing from others that have experienced extended and/or intolerable pain following sling surgery. My email address is: bigxbadxjohn2@yahoo.com

Best holiday wishes to all,


P.S. Now the Cleveland La Quinta IP Address will probably be BANNED also. Sorry!

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BBJohn: I've seen nothing in your posts for which you should be banned. It must be a mistake. Cancer Survivors Network surely would never do that in your case. I most appreciate the information you have provided as I was one who was hoping that Coloplast Virtue would be a promising solution to lingering incontinence (seven years so far). Good luck on your salvage surgery tomorrow. Please let us know the outcome.

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Why would he be Banned. If someone from the CSN is reading this please ensure that this did not happen.
As a person with Incontinence these posts are vital to our future well-being's Isn't that the reason why this sight exists?

Please print something for members reassurances--- I'll be looking for it.



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