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My port is being removed tomorrow. Any advice?

lizzydavis's picture
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Joined: May 2009

My port is being removed tomorrow. Any advice? Thanks!

johnnybegood's picture
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Joined: Oct 2008

you will feel better with it out.my surg put me to sleep but not a deep sleep.i could hear them talking.i felt them tugging but couldnt open my eyes from the sleep.some people say they just have a local done.have they said what procedure they will do on you?good luck its been 3 months since mine has been gone and the scar still bothers me.....Godbless...johnnybegood

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Great news, I had mine out by local and I didn't feel a thing. Good thing about that is that I could leave shortly after and didn't have to wait in recovery for anything to wear off. It was a lot easier coming out than going in. You will feel so much better after it is removed. Good luck


P_I_T_A's picture
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My advice is jump up and down, do cartwheels, throw a party! Congrats!


Sundanceh's picture
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Hi Lizzy

I would have them slip you the "happy juice" - that wonderful cocktail, Versed...it's better to be out for the procedure I think- when you wake up, it's gone.

And how wonderful to reach over and not have that bump in your collarbone - this will be your best Christmas gift.


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Joined: Nov 2009

I cannot wait for mine to be gone, the oncologist said February. Which means only one more port flush to get through in January.

dianetavegia's picture
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Mine was removed in office and gave the surgeon a bit of trouble. It was very unnerving and bled for days.

I vote for happy juice too!

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My first port removed, because they wanted to make sure it wasn't causing an infection (which turns out, it didn't!) but they knocked me out, and when I awoke, I felt abit sore, but not too bad. I then had to go back into surgery the next week and get another port put back in on the other side.

I wouldn't let them do this unless I was knocked out, I don't want to be up for any kind of surgical procedures, so they do usually put me to sleep for that.


Nana b's picture
Nana b
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I was asleep.......when they took mine out. At times, I stil feel it in my neck. The incision is also bigger when they are taking it out. About an inch.

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I have had 2 ports.
The catheter of the first one was put in under the collar bone,
and I was completely out.for both insertion and removal.a little pain for a couple days after.
2nd port was put in over the collar bone.insertion and removal under local,
but with enough sedative I didn't care.
no real pain to speak of after
good luck

p.s.You did not say whether it was a chest port,
or arm port.
my friend had an arm port which was removed in dr's office
she said it was piece of cake.

KATE58's picture
Posts: 300
Joined: Nov 2009

Was this a chest port? or an arm port, removed in dr's office?
when they removed my first chest port, I asked him if he was going to do it in the office.
and he said absolutly not,it has to be done in OR.He said he only removed arm ports in office.

lizzydavis's picture
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Joined: May 2009

Thanks for all of your comments. It just makes me feel so good to hear from all of you!!

It is a chest port which will be coming out tomorrow morning at 8:30 am at Greenville Hospital. I am excited and scared at the same time. but all of your comments make me feel better about it. Thanks everyone.

lizzydavis's picture
Posts: 893
Joined: May 2009

I am back home from the port removal. It was much easier than I imagined. I am a little sore (only taking tylenol). I am not supposed to lift for a week. Very pleased with the easy removal.

Buzzard's picture
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Congrats Lizzy.....big milestone made......... :)

lizzydavis's picture
Posts: 893
Joined: May 2009

Thanks, Buzzard! Starting today with a smile!

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