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Linda and Deanna--How did things go????

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Anxiously awaiting some good news. Or whatever kind there is coming.

Love to you both,


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I hope today went well. I know you are going to be sore for a few days. Thinking about you!

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Hope everything went well today. Sending you big, big cyber hugs!

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I'm sore and it sticks out more than I like, but I got my Power Port inserted today. The surgeon doing it was just in Greece and Turkey this summer, so I chatted up a storm with him about that all during the surgery, loopy and talkitive from the lah-lah juice they gave me to keep me relaxed and calm. There was some disagreement on whether I was 'meaty' enough to get a Power Port without it pushing up too hard against my skin and causing me trouble that way. But they relented when I said I was going to have to have very frequent CT-scans abd PET-scans. Plus the IV Team had to be called in to get a needle in me for the surgery meds (after 2 failed sticks), so my bruised arms were clear evidence that I need a port that can work for EVERYTHING. I'm glad it's done. Now let's see how it works for my chemo Monday.

Thanks, everyone, for caring about me.

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Linda....I hope you enjoy your port as much as I did. I have miserable veins and with the port, chemo and labs were such a breeze. My nurses LOVED it and so did I! Never had a problem!!! Plus it is very dangerous if those drugs don't get delivered directly into the vein....so this is MUCH better!!


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Happy to hear that you got your port in without a hitch. It won't stick up as much when the swelling goes down and it heals up some.
Good luck on Monday!

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