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NED after the fourth, three month check up; officially a year Rejoice

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Aloha All
along with Kumar I'd like to add some positive news; saw the gyn/onc 12/9; CA 125 still holding at 11; NED once again; still get quite "nuts" before I go, during and after; I spoke with a lovely FEMALE resident; advised her the fear and anxiety are increasing with each visit; her research specialty is the psychosocial effects of chemo and cancer on the pt; she understood; being a psyche professional myself; consider the fact you've been mutilated (surgery), poisoned and then return to the scene of the crime to be tortured again (PAPS..dr takes 3-5 samples each time); no wonder there's elevated anxiety; XANAX is a wonderful drug along with a mile walk to get to the Women's Center after I ride the bus for 45 minutes....I'm looking forward to the time when I graduate to check ups every six months

Merry Christmas...be at peace; know that you all are loved by many

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That would be fantastic.

Happy for you and all who love you.


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Marie that is wonderful news. I am so glad you can celebrate. This news will certainly make your holidays brighter. In peace and caring.

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Wonderful news! Enjoy your holidays.

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hey god bless you like this,Wow wot a great news.Enjoy and dance and eat lots of veggi..Try to avoid meat in diet.

Thanks Kumar

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Congrats one more time, I here that sigh of relief all the way here on the east coast. Dancing the hula with you!

Mele Kalikimaka!


Hugs, Marge

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Congrats, Marie. What a great Christmas present.

I'm just at the beginning of this journey recuping from surgery with high hopes of having the same report as you this time next year. (Not looking forward to the every 3 months exams since they seem to be a mite uncomfortable from the reports here...but, at least I'm here to be nervous about it.)

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Let's keep the good times rolling on this board!!!


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Keep Dancing with NED, Marie!!

Know this will add to your Holiday celebration! Karen

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You caught your cancer so early and you were so aggressive at making sure you had the best shot at getting away clean fromn this. And I truly believe that you have. I am SO happy for you to have this new confirmation that all is well! ((((hugs)))))

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I'm preparing to move - what island are you on???

Congrats and blessings to you. Enjoy another year NED, Mary Ann

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Great news on your NED! Doin the Snoopy Dance! lol
Have a great Christmas!


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Oh, Marie!

What wonderful news to receive just before Christmas!

Thanks for sharing!


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What a wonderful Christmas story...

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Congratulations. What great news to get just before Christmas. I had my first check up with the oncologist who supervised my chemo, the radiation oncologist and the gyn oncologist. Good news from all of them. I think I was lucky because this first pap wasn't uncomfortable at all. I faithfully use the dilator. Maybe that helped or maybe I was just so happy to be hearing good news that I didn't pay attention. All three were very supportive and said I should be proud of myself for all that I had experienced and handled well. I was like a little child getting praise from the teacher. Now I'm getting ready to be a snowbird and leave this frigid climate for three months.

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Cecile Louise
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Yay yay yay, Marie! That is most excellent news!

Hugs all around,

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