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Going Home Tomorrow!

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Fever is gone. Vomiting has stopped. We are outta here! Flight is tomorrow afternoon. Even though I wish I was home in California tonight instead of typing this from NYC, I think it was good that we stayed another day. Brant has stopped leaking from the drain site and seems a lot stronger today. We have been pushing the fluids and protein shakes to try to rehydrate him and he seems a ton better today. Our little guy has had a chance to rest up and is much better.

The surgery has definitely taken a toll on Brant. He is so thin now (hopefully we can start moving in the opposite direction in terms of weight gain) and I have tried to warn people in California, because he is coming back looking very different than when we left.

We are working on a plan for future treatment. We have sent some tumor to Caris DX for some molecular profiling. We are also looking at Sir Spheres in the very near future to help with the liver. It will be very busy when we get home figuring out the next steps, but it will help to be in our own place. Gotta get a Christmas tree this weekend too! Thanks for all the encouragement..it helps.

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Great news!! I am happy you'll be home tomorrow, that's a plus! So glad to hear the little guy is feeling better, hope he stays that way, I lost ALOT of weight after my surgeries as well, but it comes back, and don't worry, Brant will gain it back as well :)

Have a safe trip home, you'll all be in my prayers tonight, I am hearing quite a few people on here going for the Sir Spheres, it's getting me interested in it as well, I wonder why my onc doesn't say anything about it to me though.


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I am really happy for all of you! Maybe it was a good thing for your husband to have an extra day to re-coup. I bet you are going to see an improvement in him once he is home & eating home meals etc. I hope you have a good journey back home. Enjoy the tree hunt! Good luck with everything!

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Hi Melissa,

I'm glad to hear Brant is okay now to come home! Now you gotta work on putting the weight back on him! Take it easy this Christmas and don't feel like you have to do it all- it's truly okay if you don't. We're often harder on ourselves than others are when we feel like we have to get so much done. Of course, it's always a busy time getting ready for Christmas. Where in California do you live? I'm thinking it's in northern Cal, possibly near San Jose? But I don't remember for sure. I'm in north San Diego county in Fallbrook.

You take care of yourself, along with your family.

Blessings to you and yours-

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You sound so much better tonight than your earlier post. Just going home has lifted your fighting spirit. Look at some of the other posts on here today, there are a few discussions about Sir Spheres. Tell Brant I want to see him back on his caring bridge site. Granted, some of the stuff he writes I don't have a clue about but really have read every page of your journey. His writings put a smile on my face several times and I thank him for that. Keep checking in with the board, I know there are several watching your journey from all over the country. Take care and have a safe flight - Tina

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You have to have a very big sigh of relief that the fever is gone. Hopefully he will start feeling better now that he will be home. You can get some good home cooking in him and he should start feeling better and I'm glad that you will be home for the holidays.


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I'm so happy for y'all! I do hope a fabulously successful treatment plan will be formed, and that Brant will be stronger (and gain weight) soon. I'll be praying for your family.


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Melissa, you are so strong and brave doing this alone in NYC...get home enjoy your family and encourage Brant to get stronger and become a candidate for Sir Spheres. I am starting my journey through Sir Spheres myself and will be posting as I go. Merry Christmas! Patti

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It will be so nice for you to be back to your own home tomorrow! Thank you for posting this update Melissa.

All the best... Rob; in Vancouver

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So good to hear you will be home tomorrow. It is 10:30 pm here in Hawaii so it is 3:30am Friday in New York. I figure you'll be up in a few hours. I'll pray for a safe and uneventful trip for all of you.
I know what you mean about the weight loss. We went to California for Dick's surgery and he came back 20 lbs lighter. People were surprised when they first saw him. Now, he loves that he is wearing the same size jeans he wore in High School. :)
Thanks for the update.
Best to you.


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I hope the three of you made it home. It is freezing out here now but nothing should of held flights. Thinking and praying for you.


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Dear Melissa,

I have been praying for you and your family. It must feel wonderful to be in your own home. I was only in the hospital for 14 days and it felt heavenly to crawl into my own bed. Enjoy and keep us posted. Will continue to pray for your precious family.

God Bless You,

Debbie (gramma)

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Dear Melissa,you are a very brave and strong lady.I am glad to know you and your husband have a plan for the future treatment.Please have a safe trip back home.Happy holidays to you and your family.

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