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36 hours post da vinci

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and a huge snow storm came thru!

Doing well I think, other than I have plenty of gas that seems to disrput a nice long sleep. Just got 5 hours worth, think that is the longest yet.

What do you all have for a diet post surgery? Do you stick to liquid based or move into more semi=soft foods?

I am pretty much pain free, not sure of the path report, get that next week, doc said it looked good to him. The doc indicated that I only lost about 1 tablespoon of blood........ I dont know what to think of that? Got the drain out of my side, had about 40ml of blood in that.

Sure is nice to be home! The 10yr old daughter bought me some magazines, and 3 boxes of chocolates, guess that I dont have to share the magazines :-)

regards to all.

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Marc, glad to hear that you are home. I will be interested to hear the comments on post surgery diet (I am scheduled in January). Wishing you all the best on your road to recovery.

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Hi Joe

well, the instructions indicate to get back to normal gradually. I am alittle conservative about the "gradually" portion of that advice.

I have eaten oatmeal, toast, one bite from the mrs cinn roll, banana, popsickles, apple juice, and lotsa water. Urine is mostly clear, hardly anything else in it, looks good so far. Been taking it slow and steady.

Word for the wise, keep your dog ( 2 yr old lab for me ) at bay, the cath is *not* a play/tug toy !!!


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Mark - Welcome back to the other side. Glad to hear you're pain free. I've heard people say a shot glass of blood is all daVinci requires. Whatever the case, it's small amount so I think you're normal there.

As far as diet - fiber, fiber, fiber. I eat Steel Cut Oats every day. Very different from regular oats - I think it's insoluble (like a bird eating gravel). Neutral taste wise (e.g., bland) but if you add dried cherries and some cream, tastes pretty darn good and creates the desire effect out the other end. Other than that, lots of veges and fruits. Also, I guess, protien too for the cell rebuilding. I started taking fairly large doses of Vitamin C (a couple grams) too. I have a juicer and mixed carrots and apples to create a vitamin packed concoction which I drank for a few days. Eat some fun stuff too (ice cream?). And finally - lots of water - some say half your body weight (in oz) per day. That's a lot. But really, to answer your question, I was not on any special diet other than adding fiber.

If you're getting 5 hrs of sleep, that's pretty good. I struggled sleeping in the bed - had to spend four nights in my trusty recliner.

Good luck on your recovery!

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Thanks Jim

Well, things are starting to be alittle more normal in the bathroom, it was difficult to determine whether to expect gas or going #2 for awhile there........ scary !

I have been drinking 1-2 gallons of water/day, adding some apple juice, and finally had some toast this morning.

Will be glad to get rid of the ball & chain for sure, but not a big issue.

For those not in the midwest, it sure was nice to watch from the window as the mrs & daughter tag teamed the 10+ inches of snow in the driveway today :-)

Got a new blu-ray player that connects to the internet - nice to be able to download a days worth of something to watch.


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Hi Marc
I second the dog thing.
My ancient but feisty 14 year old border collie
was fascinated with the cath.
Sounds like your doing well, keep it up.


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Good to hear you're on the mends. I took Ducolax several days prior to surgery and each day afterwards. That's what helped me. Got back to normal in 24 hours.

Good luck

Larry B

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They didn't give me a formal diet - when I asked, the dietician visited, and had suggestions, but the biggest one was fiber. The hospital put me on standard issue solid meals the day after at lunch. It took two more days for the first BM, and I about blew out the cath.
I'm taking a softener (dolcosate calcium) every day, as you really want that to be a stress-less experience, even weeks out. No real heavy duty laxatives were required for me.
I've had the cath out for a while. Drink lots of water while you have it in. You might want to scale back the chocolates for a few days after they pull the cath, as that is one of the bladder irritants that no one warned me about until after the fact.
But then it is great to have family around. Share the chocolate.

Ah, forgot the dog. I don't have one, but the neighbor's little dog didn't understand why I caught him in mid-air as he jumped for my lap. He'll probably try again, someday.

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