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when the words wont come out

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i know a lot of us have this problem and it is due to chemo and we refer to it as "chemo brain". i never had this before i was dx at age 44.now at the age of 45 i dont think it is because of age.how many people have this and how do you deal with it?...Godbless....johnnybegood

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Yep... I get that too, I find myself getting my days mixed up sometimes. Like yesterday I had to call my wife and ask her if I had chemo this week or next week? LOL. We may be confused at times but we're alve and we get to spend time with our kids

Life is funny sometimes

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I was going to reply to your post but I forgot what I was going to say. Have a Merry what`s the word?


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I have had so much fun with chemo brain. I went to the store, forgot my list and could not remember what I was going to get. I called my husband and he said to come on home and he would go. I have worn my clothes inside out, I could not think of the word spagetti. I use to be able to type and spell but that is going. All of this gets quite funny, or it is very distressing, just depends on the day.

I sure hope this all comes back when I am done with chemo!

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Kerry S
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I was screwed up and then things sort of started to go back to normal.

I told my port flush nurse about it. She laughed and said "you had chemo brain".

Just one of the many fun parts of cancer. You can play it right along with the "cancer card". Works well with the wife and my kids when I screw up. Heck, we got to get some good out of this BS.

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Just wanted to let you know it does get better after you are done with chemo. I still walk into a room and forget what I wanted, but I think that's just age. I'm 50 and now back in college, my treatments are all done for now, and I am doing just fine in school, in fact a lot better than a lot of the younglings I'm in class with. I just foumd I had to write down everything I wanted to remember, then remember where I wrote it down!

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people can have fun and it does go away,but for me it is [cant even think of the word i am trying to type]oh i got it aggrevating.see what i mean i cant even carry on a conversation or type one thanks for your replies.even though we are healed from our cancer i still feel as if i have a sickness and it is called the effects of the cure for cancer....Godbless....johnnybegood

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Nana b
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I was just talking to my boss, and he me told you are pointing to the wrong week...month, we are talking about Christmas not Thanksgiving. Oh, yeah Thanksgiving just passed! lol It wasn't the month that confused me, I lost where I was in my thoughts, and he thought I lost my mind.

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LOL..... that's what I call it. I don't have a problem remembering anything but ONE thing. This is sooooo terrible and for the life of me I cannot figure out why this???? BUT..... I can NEVER remember my 3 grandkids names..omg..there..I said it! I feel so stupid too cause my kids look at me like "Mom... you can even remember your own grandkids name???" but they don't say that... I see it in their eyes. Hell, my Mom had 5 kids... NO CHEMO... and she couldn't keep our names straight.... SO THERE!


Fight for my love
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I didn't go panic often,I was not that type of person.But after my husband's diagnosis,I became "chemo brain" even if I don't have chemo.

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I really believe that caregivers get some of the same effects of chemo that the actual person gets. My husband has had chemo brain, he also has had the "heavy legs". I sure hope he doesn't get the neuropathy!

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Yup, I definitely have suffered from chemo brain. It's not your imagination- it's very frustrating, I know. I've had numerous times where I've been on the phone with a store, insurance co., etc. and have sounded like a complete idiot because the words just vanish from my mind. I can hardly help my kids w/ their homework- it just seems so complicated to me now (it was before, but now it's even worse!) I'm 43 yrs old. I know women often experience a bit of this also when going through menopause. With having started chemo induced menopause 2 yrs ago from the chemo and/or pelvic radiation, I think I've got a double whammy with the menopause combined with the chemo brain. All I can say is that it was at it's worst when I was on Folfox. I still definitely have it, but it wasn't quite as severe while on Folfiri. Now that I'm taking something different (Lovastatin/interferon), I'm hoping I'll start to get a bit of my brain back- lol!

Best wishes-

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