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Skin Bloching cause

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I am in my fourth week of external beam radiation therapy. I also have had two hormone implants. Today I noticed both my arms are covered with dark bothches on the outside porton from my wrist to my shoulder. I am not sure if this is caused by the radiation or hormone treatment. Has anyone else had similiar experiences.

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Sorry to hear of your skin bloching.
I am 5 weeks into IMRT. No side effects.
Where are your hormone implants??

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Common skin problems that occur as a result of radiation therapy
redness or sunburn-like appearance
general irritation
skin may appear tan
These side effects occur in the area being exposed to radiation. People may also lose hair in the area being treated.
Tips for Managing Skin Irritation During Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is the medical use of high-energy beams of radiation targeted to kill cancer cells. Through a series of successive treatments, focused radiation damages cells that are in the path of the beam. Cancer cells are actively growing and replicating leaving them more vulnerable to radiation damage. And because cancer cells are not as well-organized as healthy cells they are less able to repair the damage and recover. Thus, cancer cells are more easily destroyed by radiation, while healthy, normal cells repair themselves and survive. This is why radiation is such an effective cancer treatment.

One of the most uncomfortable side effects of radiation therapy is the reaction of the skin in the area being treated. Similar to a sunburn the skin may react with a mild to moderate pink color, or redness accompanied by itching , burning, soreness, and possible peeling. Miaderm Radiation Relief Lotion soothes injured skin as well as helps to enhance the natural healing process and restore smooth, healthy skin without interfering with cancer treatment.

Miaderm Radiation Relief Lotion was developed by Radiation Oncologists with patient safety and comfort in mind.

Many of our patients experienced discomfort during their treatment so we developed Miaderm to specifically address the skin problems associated with radiation treatment.

Miaderm Radiation Relief Lotion is a water-based lotion formulated with ingredients that have been clinically proven to help prevent and treat radiation dermatitis. Prevention of radiation dermatitis (radiation skin damage/burns) is our ultimate objective. Miaderm radiation relief lotion was developed with calendula as one its central ingredients. Callendula
(1) has been shown in a phase three prospective clinical trial, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, to decrease radiation dermatitis as well as radiation treatment breaks. A treatment breaks occurs when the skin so damaged that radiation has to stop temporarily to allow for wound healing. In addition to Calendula, Miaderm was also formulated with Hyaluronate and Aloe Vera. Hyaluronate
(2) was also shown to prevent radiation dermatitis in a phase three prospective trial, the trial was published in the journal Radiotherapy Oncology. There have been many studies looking at Aloe Vera effectiveness in treating and preventing radiation dermatitis.
A single study published in Oncology Nursing Forum
showed that compared to mild soap alone, Aloe Vera can prevent radiation dermatitis
(3). Other studies looking at Aloe Vera as prevention have not shown a benefit in prevention of dermatitis, but have shown it can soothe skin damaged by radiation therapy.

To our knowledge Miaderm Radiation Relief is the only radiation therapy lotion formulated with Callendula, Hyaluronate, and Aloe Vera. Most importantly, Miaderm keeps you comfortable by preventing the severe skin damage resulting from radiation therapy and allows you to stay on track with your cancer treatment.

To get the full benefit of Miaderm it should be started at the initiation of radiation therapy and continued until two weeks following the completion of treatment. At Miaderm we know we can't totally eliminate radiation skin damage in all patients, but we know that if Miaderm Radiation Relief is used properly as a means of prevention, we can help a significant number of patients. We guarantee that if you use Miaderm from start to finish of your radiation treatment, you will not experience any breaks in treatment due to skin conditions.

(1)Pommier P, Gomez F, Sunyach MP, et al: Phase III randomized trial of calendula officinalis compared with trolamine for the prevention of acute dermatitis during irradiation for breast cancer. J Clin Oncol 22:1447-1453, 2004
(2)Liguori V, Guillemin C, Pesce GF, et al: Double-blind, randomized clinical study comparing hyaluronic acid cream to placebo in patients treated with radiotherapy. Radiother Oncol 42:155–161, 1997
(3) Olsen DL, Raub W, Bradley C, et al: The effect of Aloe Vera gel versus mild soap alone in preventing skin reactions in patients undergoing radiation therapy. Oncol Nurs
Forum 28:543-547, 2001

Use warm water and a mild soap to cleanse area during bathing. Baby soap is gentle enough.
Do not use scented perfumes, lotions, or creams on the treated area unless directed by a doctor.
Do not apply any cream two hours before or immediately after therapy unless directed by a doctor.
Do not wear tight fitting clothing around the treatment area. It may rub against the area causing irritation.
Avoid exposing the treated area to the sun or use tanning salons.
Avoid scratching the skin even if itchy.
Q: How often should I use Miaderm?
A: To get the maximum benefit of Miaderm, start at the initiation of radiation therapy and continue using three times daily until two weeks after radiation treatments have completed.
Q: Will Miaderm interfere with the efficacy of radiation?
A: No. Miaderm Radiation Relief is completely safe to use during radiation treatment and clinically shown to help promote normal skin recovery.
Q: Can Miaderm be used on all types of skin?
A: Yes. Miaderm Radiation Relief can be used on all skin types anywhere on the skin surface where the skin is being treated with radiation.

Q: Is Miaderm guaranteed to work?
A: We guarantee that if you use Miaderm from start to finish of your radiation treatment, you will not experience any breaks in treatment due to skin conditions.
Q: How much does Miaderm cost?
A: A 4 oz. tube is $23.99
Q: Where can I buy Miaderm?
A: You can call the toll free number 877-642-7727 or click here to place your secure order through this web site.
Report any skin problems to your doctor. He or she may be able to prescribe an ointment or cream to reduce discomfort.

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my 2 cents

Randy In Indy

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