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As you have your PET scan today know that I am there with you in spirit, holding your hand and holding my breath. I am praying that all of this is due to inflammation my friend and you will be able to give out a big sigh of relief when this if finished. Know I am always with you in prayer and in spirit.



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Me too.

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Linda, I sure hope it is good news.... this waiting is almost as bad a waiting for my own results. Been praying!!

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I just got back from my PET-scan. I don't know anything yet and the techs were impossible to read and wouldn't tell me anything. They said it takes 24 to 48 hours for a report. I told them I had an oncologist appointment at 2 tomorrow, and she said that oncologists at the same facility will be able to access my scan results tomorrow. So we must all wait another day. I'm okay with that; a huge part of me is afraid to get the news and tonight gives me a little more time to not know. (You can see that I am expecting bad news.)

I made one mistake at my PET-scan that I will share. The tech asked if I was able to hold my arms over my head. I said 'sure'. Mistake. Within 5 minutes of the scan starting my shoulders started to hurt in that position. 15 minutes into the scan my fingers were getting numb. But just when I thought I'd have to say something, the scan was over. And I'm not sore at all now. But it would have been so much more relaxing with my arms at my sides. I'll know better next time. My scan was from the bottom of my chin to mid-thigh and I think she wanted a good shot of the nodes in my arm pits.

Thanks so much, all of you, for caring. It means so much to me.

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I always say just tell me the worst and let me deal with it but please don't make me wait and speculate. My daughter's baby was due on Saturday. I told her I'd like to find out the results of Linda's PET scan before the baby comes. Catharine's doing her best to let me hear your news first. We are holding our virtual breaths and praying for good news for you.


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We are all waiting with you. Whatever comes you will deal with it and move forward. I will do my guided imagery tonight and picture you as one of the angels.


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