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some bady tell me please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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is there any surviver from abrain stem glimoa ???? or not

sue Siwek
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i know nothing. but please google brain stem cancer i found some hope.

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There are brain stem glioma survivors, I've met them. There is a brain cancer support group about 20 minutes from where we live and I've talked with adults that have had brain stem gliomas operated on. My mom has talked to children with them operated on and they are doing well; they go to school, go on field trips, and play with the other kids in their classes.

My aunt had a brain stem tumor in the 1970s but hers was not cancerous, at least that's what we think, and she did not have surgery so she did not survive but that was a long time ago. Things are very different now. I gave you the name of my surgeon, he developed the surgery your daughter needs. He developed the brain stem surgery, that's how I've met so many people that have survived brain stem tumors. I'm sure you'll be able to find other surgeons that will be able to help you out. I don't know any of them.

But in response to your question, absolutely there are brain stem tumor survivors out there. They're even children too, not just adults.

Take care, once again.

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thxxxxxxxxx all and god help US

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Please look into Dr. Freidman at Duke University in Durham North Carolina.......he is the FOREMOST physician for brain tumors........
Peace be with you

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My father was diagnosed with brain steam glioma 1 year 8 month ago, after suffering a stroke. He had a radiation treatment at Mass General, and was in a pretty bad conditions afterwords, especially because of long term usage of steroids ( he was extremely angry with about everything around him.) However now it is behind us, he is doing much much better. Tumor did not shrink, but is stable at this time. We are living everyday as it was our last, loving each other and taking care of him as much as we can.
It is impossible to tell exactly how much time is left for him, but I believe that there are miracles.
Good luck to you, and as hard as it may be try to stay positive ( it helps a lot)

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You may want to start a new topic. I think that will get u more reposts.
good luck and u will b n my prayers.

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