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upcoming surgery

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on the 24th, going to deal with ulna nerve entrapment at the elbow and hopefully enough time to tether tendon through arthritic thumb joint. Something about a 2 hour window once they put the tourniquet on and may not have enough time to do both.

The ulna nerve entrapment has been an issue for 16 months. I woke up with numb fingers the morning after my first chemo treatment. My oncologist said no way connected to chemo, too soon, blah blah blah. The neurologist at Mayo said, AH HA, it is related to chemo- that chemo finds the weakness in nerves and basically breaks it down further. Oncologist whining about everybody wanting to blame everything on chemo. The orthopedic surgeon agrees with Mayo doc, so guess it is 2 against one. I had an EMG (or whatever that nerve test is) last June. Ulna nerve entrapment just so-so, the complication is chemo on top of it, the wonderful neuropathy. Everybody wanted me to wait this out as long as possible, not clear that surgery at the elbow is going to take care of it.

Thumb joint is bad- I keep thinking he will open it up and the smell of chemo will knock him out. No medical professional agrees with me- not like chemo pools in the body, let alone in the joints. To me, it did and does. I do have a strong family history of osteoarthritis- my identical twin has had both of her thumbs done. It just seems way too much of a connection- finished chemo in Jan- never had problems in my thumbs and started to like in March. The left one is pretty bad.

So I will be slinged and casted for about 4-6 weeks then will start the long haul of physical therapy.

In the meantime? I have to meet with my Mock Trial team this afternoon, do some grocery shopping and get my kids to get the Christmas stuff out and up.


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Sorry you are going through all this; sometimes it can seem never-ending. Keep your eye on the prize; hopefully this will provide you relief!

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Hoping for successful surgery for you. I know someone that has had great success with nerve entrapment sugery.

Fight for my love
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Hi Patte,you are in my prayers.Hopefully your surgey will be done successfully and you will have a speedy recovery.Take care.

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although I don't believe in luck I do believe that you will do fine.....Heres to you kid in hopes of fast recovery and that it takes care of business for you.....Buzzard

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Patteee, I heard from the team leader nurse at my chemo center that she read chemo, especially 5FU (our friend)has been found in the joint spaces. I forget why she told me this, I was probably aching all over during chemo, more commonly occurred during FOLFOX than since then.

Good luck with the surgery and recoup,all at the holidays too. Chin up and stay cool as you can be.


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I hope it goes really well and gives you relief.


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Good Luck Patteee!

you are in my prayers
as is everyone

GOD bless

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Dear Patteee,

I'm sorry these things keep popping up. I'm 2 years out and still different than before cancer. That's ok, I'm happy to be here. Finding my new normal. Ha Whatever that is. I will continue to pray for you. You are a real fighter and I know you will fight thru this also.

God Bless You,

Debbie (gramma)

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I hope you're having a good day today, and hope everything goes well tomorrow, wow, surgery right before Thanksgiving, yucky! You are always in my thoughts and prayers, and it sure doesn't matter where the neuropathy came from that they're fighting about, it's all about you having it, and just getting treated for it already, and hopefully this will help lessen the pain, I wish you all the best, and will be thinking about you!


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I am so sorry that you are going through these issues. You must be in a lot of pain having to deal with that. I'm hoping that the surgery is a complete success. I had the EMG after a car accident and I will never have another one again, that test hurts so I feel for you. Hope you recover very soon and let us know (when you are able) how you are feeling.


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Please check in with us when you can. I'm praying all goes as planned and your recovery is fast! Hugs,

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thanks everybody :) it will be fine- or at least it will be once they knock me out!

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I hope the surgery brings you the relief that you deserve! The best of luck to you in writing this new chapter.


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Seeing you here as well Craig :)


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