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i need help

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I am a testicular cancer survivor. My name is David. I was diagnosed in 2002 when i was 22. I'm happy to say that i have since beaten it and even got married. Its a wonderful feeling finding that one person that can look past my one testicle and a huge scar on my chest to love the person that is me. Now, when i was told that i have cancer the doctor told me that i had to bank some sperm. So i did. Now that i'm married i would like to use it. unfortunately with today's economy, i can't really afford to pay all the money to have the procedure done. I'm looking for some help. My friend told me to see if i can get help paying for it since i'm a cancer survivor. Any ideads?

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I was diagnosed in August at age 21 and just finished up my treatment. When I first went through the sperm banking process, the center was sure that a lot of it was covered by insurance since most Docs say it is mandatory to do before you start treatment. if you have insurance it may be worth a shot to ask them

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You may want to check the web site of Fertile Hope, they may be able to help you. Also, check with the American Cancer Society and see if they have any information of ways to assist you. Best of luck and as always let all of us know how things turn out.


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