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does anyone know how i can talk to a oncologist online

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a few a few weeks ago i got some bad news my grandfather was diagnosed with lung Adenocarcinoma. the only treatment that was prescribed was
radiation therapy. About two weeks ago i met his doctor and had a discussion with him about other treatments that my grandfather could take besides the radiation therapy and i wasn't fully satisfied. i would really really like to get a sceond opinion but unfortuanately i live in Malta Europe, it is a very small country and from what i found out there are only two doctors that deal with Adenocarcinoma, so my chanses of getting a second opinion are slim. the only hope i have is to try to find an oncologist online. It is very important that i get a second opinion so if anyone knows how i could contact an oncologist online it would mean so much to me.

thank you very much

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When I was facing lung surgery for my cancer, I went online for a second opinion just to be sure I was doing the right thing. I went to one of my trusty search engines and put in things like "ask an expert"+"lung cancer". There was one at the University of Maryland that actually wrote me back with what the gold standard of treatment would be for my particular case. Yep, I needed surgery and the kind I was facing was state of the art. That advice made me feel better about getting part of my lung removed. This advice was free, but further research on the web backed up the opinions he gave me. (I always double and triple check stuff until I understand what I'm being told.) I tried the same search terms today and had to put in University of Maryland to go back to the same spot. However, those terms turned up several other "experts" you could consult online if needed. I would try to make sure that the oncologist you were consulting was with a reputable center that treated cancer. The more details you can give concerning your grandfather's case the better the information you will get back. Details are usually in the doctor's reports, radiology reports, scan reports and such. Those reports belong to the patient in the USA so around here I go to the hospital or office and pick them up to share with the other doctors I see. The ACS site may have something useful under their treatment decision tools that you can use too. Of course, health conditions other than just the kind and stage of cancer can figure into treatment plans too. Folks with bad lungs may have to forgo surgery. Folks with bad hearts may have to avoid certain kinds of chemo. So collect your information and see if you can get an expert to help you evaluate his treatment plan considering his health. Good luck!

C. Abbott

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check out cancer grace.org there is a group of oncs and radiation specialists who were very helpful to us on a number of issues.Quick responce time too

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thanks for getting back to me. i really need to get a second opinion. i will make some searches and visit canccer grace.org. If anyone could actually give me an email to speed things up it would really help.

thank you

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how exactly do i contact cancer grace.org . i left a few questions on the contact us pagebut i am not sure if i am doing it right and i haven't got an answer back yet. can someone give me some help on how to contact cancer grace.org . or any online oncologist

its very important

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i still haven't had any luck getting a second opinion online, so if anyone knows of any oncologist or medical centre that can help me out online please let me know

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You can simply type in www.cancergrace.org to get to the website and from there on the upper right hand side there is a section "Forums - ask a question about" where you can post. You will just need to register like you did at this site.

I too am new to all of this as the found something on my moms lungs when she had the chest x-ray for admission for knee surgery and they then did a CT scan followed by a needle biopsy and she just had a PET Scan yesterday afternoon. We are now waiting to hear the results of the PET Scan and I have a call in to her family doctor for a recommendation of an oncologist for her.

I hope this helps you out. All the best to you and your family.


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you should have no problem... you need to sign up n get a password like most other forums,then post...

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Hi there, I was in the same boat a while back and was led to this website. I hope it helps and good luck. http://onctalk.com bbpress. You actualy talk to an oncologist named dr. west

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I'm from Ukraine!

Asking for your advice and help!

My father diagnosed with bladder cancer.

Expressed mts-lymphadenopathy retroperitoneal lesion of the body of the right Ilium L 5?

Also it is hard to walk sore right leg!On the leg below the knee tumor!

What to do what drugs should I take?

Thank you!

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