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Back from visiting MOM in Germany

Michaela74 Member Posts: 22
edited March 2014 in Lung Cancer #1
Hello Everyone,

I have some great news!! My mom is fighting Lung Ca Stage 3A- She is done with chemo. They saw a spot on her bone that was suspicious for metastasizes. I was there for every test and her last chemo treatment. The spot on the bone is gone- they can't say why and don't know how. I just say YEEEAAAAHHH.

My mother is now able to fly home for the holidays and has to return to Germany for follow-up tests in Febuary, I am excited that she is coming home. With that comes the questions-

My mother has no insurance over here. I need to know what tests are performed such as blood work while she is here. She did not receive a PET scan when she was in Germany. The doctor said the CT was better which I know a PET Scan slices at a more thinner slice than a CT. Should I worry?

I can use any info on what tests need to be done while she is here. Any information on how to get some of these tests done in illinois with no insurance.

Thank You for reading and I wish you all the best!! God Bless ALL !!!



  • cobra1122
    cobra1122 Member Posts: 244
    I was very happy to hear the news about your mom, I truly hope this is a Happy Holiday Season for you, Your family and Your mom.
    As far as the CT being more Precise than the PET, I have heard that, But either way the news is very good. Now is the time to rejoice and enjoy the time with your mom. After all you both have been through I would think you have learned that now is the time to enjoy the time you have together, I realize that there is still the what if, but you have been given some great news.
    Some states have assistance programs so you really have to check with your local state health dept or Dept of Economic Services, Even contact asome of your local hospitals to see if they have any programs availble.
    Again, I am very Happy for you and Your family, Your Mom most of all, but just enjoy the Holiday season, you all have a great deal to be thankful for. Though the battle may still continue, your mom has scored a good victory and now is the time to relish in that.

    Our Prayers and Best Wishes to Your Mom, You, and Your Family,
    Dan and Margi Harmon