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Urine past the cath?

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I had my Robotic procedure on Friday at Kaiser LA. It was done by Dr Maynes from Riverside where I live. I must say I am amazed. 3 days after and I am on no pain meds! My urine is clear and plentiful. I've had 3 easy bowel movements and I am walking 30 min 3 times a day... up hills and although I have a little soreness in my belly from the healing of my incisions... I feel great. I am doing lots of kegels and except for a little drooling of some blood at the tip of my penis, but no other issues until something weird an hour ago.

I was taking a bowel movement and I felt like urine was coming down my ureter, around and past my cath. I actually passed some urine... it was clear and I could stop and start it just like when I peed before surgery... but should I have urine getting past the cath that way? It wasn't a lot, but it was urine and it wasn't mixed with blood or anything and now I am filling my cath bag and nothing more is leaking thru the end of my penis. Is this what happens when you "bare down" to go BM's or what? I emailed my Dr. but don't expect an answer until tomorrow.

It feels strange to talk about some of this stuff, but I am glad to have people who have "been there and done that" to ask. I have learned a lot reading posts on this board. Thanks for your advise in advance!


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Tim - That is completely normal. Experienced it myself and called my Dr and he didn't hesitate at all to say don't worry about it - completely normal.

You sound pretty aggressive about walking and everything (good), but I would say don't push it too hard. I'm 3 weeks post op and had to have my catheter reinserted yesterday because I did something that caused massive bleeding and clot blockage of urine. Not fun.

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I had similiar urine leakage also around the cath.


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You recovery sounds like it is going well.

While I can't address the cath issue, my dr used the Supra Pubic, I can echo the comments of our fellow PCa brothers about not overdoing it.

You may feel really good and ready to do a lot, but caution is needed. Your other posts indicate an active and fit lifestyle, but there is not hurry. Your body needs the time to heal from this surgery and many times those in good shape feel ready to push things before the time frame. Be careful. I have seen many posts from guys who pushed a little too hard in the beginning and then were devastated by setbacks.

Let the body heal on it's time frame.

As far as feeling strange talking about "some of this stuff". We of the brotherhood are the ones that you need to be the most open with if you are looking for answers and confirmations. Also, your posts about your own travels down the PCa path will be informative for those that follow. Just think back to the things you learned because others did not hesitate to offer up info in their posts.

Posting here is easier because we have all been through it. It may seem that it would be easier to talk to you friends but it is not the case. Your friends and family do not have the personal basis of understanding that allows them to deal with the info. You'll find at some point they get uncomfortable, it's because they can't contribute in trying to help a friend. The want to help but feel helpless.

So share and ask away. Nothing you have encountered or will encounter is new here.

Just wait until you get to the point of needing to talk about Incontinence or ED issues. Although I hope that these issues will never be a part of your own personal travels through PCa. But if it does, talking about a little leakage will not seem so strange then.

Good luck and blessings to you and your family,


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Thanks guys... Your right about over doing it. Its kind of fits my type A personality and I will try to dial it down a few notches. My urine has been clear and so I went for a 1 hour walk this morning before reading this and when I got back I had a little "tinge" of blood for the first time in my urine. After drinking lots of water, my next bag was clear... so you are all right and I will back off.

If things keep progressing well, I will be flying back to Michigan to spend some time with my fiance' and family on the 19th. It should be interesting flying.... depending on what my control will be like when the cath is removed. Thanks for all your support.

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Hope you will be dry after Cath removal. I did excellent and would say I'm 99.5% dry. A few little drips from time to time depending on activity.
While I still had the cath in I went on a power walk with my wife and walked way faster then I normally did. My urine was pretty red for awhile after that walk.

The day after getting cath out I walked 2 miles with no drips! I flew from NYC to Atlanta at about 7 weeks post surgery with no problems.

Also good luck on the penile rehab. Levitra along with a penis ring at the base works great for me. I am at 3 months post surgery this week.

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I didn't have leakage however my cather actually came out about 5 days into the whole thing. The ballon deflated slowing and the cath slide out over a period of 3 days until the whole thing came and then a actual a full stream of urine was passing the cath tube.
Resulted into a midnight emergecy room run to get new one put in
Just FYI and hope all is well

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