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My Mom & brain cancer

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Joined: Nov 2009

This may sound small compared to yall who are battling cancer. My mother passed in February 6 weeks after being diagnosed with brain cancer. My grandmother also passed from brain cancer. Im scared!!!!!!!!!! Im next right??

PBJ Austin
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Joined: Mar 2009

Of course this does not sound small. If you are scared and need help you have come to the right place.

First of all I am deeply sorry for the losses you have suffered. However I do not believe it is your destiny to die of brain cancer just because it runs in the family. You should keep your doctor informed about your family history and get checked as frequently as s/he recommends. Technology and cancer treatment are improving all the time and many diseases can be cured or prevented in today's world when that wasn't always possible. And of course there's a chance you won't get it at all.

So get your check-ups every year, keep your doctor informed, and please try to relax.

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Wow, please don't minimize how you feel...You have every right to be scared. I have a low grade tumor, currently, and am scared for my two sons. But, I do agree with the other post, that it is not necessarily your destiny to die from brain cancer, as it is not necessarily my sons' destiny either, maybe not even mine.

Just stay on top of things. Be sure to let your doctor aware of what has happened. Keep yourself healthy and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Don't let people disregard anything that you feel.

This is a wonderful site, and seems to be full of wonderful people...you have come to the right place. Take care!

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