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good news on Kim's DAD-

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My first entry got lost in the CSN mystery place---so here I go again... (Why did I not list to Bill & Loretta M. and do it on a word document first???) I hate starting over..

My dad’s re-staging appts at Duke (post 6 weeks chemo & radiation) have done their job! All the tests CT PET, EUS show that everything has had a great response.

The large tumor in the lumen of the esophagus is not there (but Dr’s believe that there are probably cancer cells in the esophagus wall). The esophagus is quite inflamed though. All lymph nodes have shrunk considerably and the “questionable” one that one Dr had seen near the liver (but sis not light up on PET) was not visible! There are NO distant mets! Labs are good. So We will have to wait until next week appt with surgeon to see if and what kind of surgery will be recommended. He needs to gain some weight though. He has always been a small man and didn’t have much to loose---but he has lost overall about 20 lbs---doesn’t seem like much--but if you start at 150-155---that is a lot! He has a lot of pain with swallowing and little appetite, so this will be a challenge.

The Duke staff has been wonderful and my parents are totally satisfied with them. I worry that his particular surgeon may not be as experienced as others in the MIE....but I also don’t know if he even is a candidate for surgery, let alone MIE, since he has scarring from and very old lung surgery. I plan to look into this—prayerfully.

I literally prayed “for Thy will to be done...but it would be really great, God, for them to get good news this time”. I am so thankful that this was the case. I was also thankful & lucky to be able to with them to visit, enjoy their company, diffuse tensions when needed, ask questions, follow through on things and just support them. I also have a great hubby that held the fort down with our 4 kids!

Thanks for all your prayers and thought from this website. I have not been able to comment on all the great things I have seen lately on this site, but will try to get back in to it!

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Yay!! That's wonderful news! I'm so glad the treatments have done their job and the cancer has shrunk. God has surely answered yours and all of our prayers! I am sorry though he is hurting while swallowing. I hope this soon passes and he will be able to eat again.

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Hi Kim,
So glad to see your good news!!! very happy for you, your Mom and Dad!!!! hope the good news continues and he becomes a candidate for surgery!!! take care,

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I am so glad you got good news on your dad I know that is what you needed to here after all this time. I know how happy I was when Jeff got good news. I am out of town but wantedd to congrat you on things. I will check more later.


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Hi Kim,

This is really GREAT NEWS!!! It sounds like your Dad is on his way to surgery, as far as
the old lung surgery if he can pass the breathing test pre op and its not mets then it should be no problem. Al had some scaring on one of his lungs from an old pneumonia that he had and it wasn't a problem.

His meeting with the surgeon should go just fine.

Good Luck & God Bless

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Shelly, Donna, Lori and Kath,

thanks so much for your support & comments! Tomorrow is the day I leave to go back to Duke and 11/11 (Wed) is the day we meet with the surgeon to see if/when my dad is a candidate for surgery (& what kind--Minimally invasive vs open). thanks for the prayers---it seems we on this site could always use more....something always coming up.

I need to make sure I have my Big Girl Panties on -- it will be a challenging day..any tips?

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Hi Kim,

I'm so glad you all got the great news!!! I'm so happy for and your parents. What a relief to hear things are working!! I'll be thinking and praying for you all while meeting with the surgeon!!


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