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One Week in the Life of Semi-Colons

robinvan's picture
Posts: 1014
Joined: May 2007

As I remember my many friends here in this community I am overwhelmed by what we collectively face in any given week. It is now Monday with a new week ahead of us.

This week we will undergo surgery to reverse an ileostomy. We will stand by the hospital bedside of a mother in Italy, and a brother with bone mets. We will recover from surgery and regain health.

This week we will report for radiation and Chemo, for Oxy, Irinotecan, 5FU, Avastin, and Erbitux in various combinations. We will suffer the side-effects and mitigate them as best possible with lotions, pain-killers, anti-emetics, and other tricks.

This week we will be PET scanned, CT Scanned, Bone scanned, x-rayed, scoped, and blood-tested every which way. We will wait for results. We will share and celebrate the good news and we will share and lament the bad.

This week we will search for new doctors and solicit second opinions. We will consult pain specialists. We will research new treatments and discover new possibilities. We will adjust to new realities and hope for better days ahead.

This week we will accompany our loved ones with cancer to various appointments and we will continue to walk with them through the ups and downs of the week.

This week we will be massaged and accupunctured. We will receive healing touch and reiki. We will meditate and pray, we will celebrate birthdays, and we will juice!

In whatever it is you face this week, I wish for you...

"Comfort on difficult days,
Smiles when sadness intrudes,
Rainbows to follow the clouds,
Laughter to kiss your lips,
Sunsets to warm your heart,
Hugs when spirits sag,
Beauty for your eyes to see,
Friendships to brighten your being,
Confidence for when you doubt,
Hope in times of despair,
Courage to know yourself,
Patience to accept the truth,
Love to complete your life.”

Be well... Rob; in Vancouver

Patteee's picture
Posts: 950
Joined: Jul 2009

ha- very good and oh so true.
Thanks rob

thready's picture
Posts: 475
Joined: Sep 2009

I printed this for my extended family, maybe to help them understand.
Thank you

maglets's picture
Posts: 2596
Joined: Jun 2006

just beautiful Rob....thanks

I think I'll print that too and put on the fridge


CanadaSue's picture
Posts: 340
Joined: Apr 2006

Thanks for the post Rob,

Very insightful look into a week of this journey.

Have a great day!



VickiCO's picture
Posts: 934
Joined: Oct 2008

As I head to another surgery this Wed, I will keep this with me.

Many hugs, Vicki

Kathryn_in_MN's picture
Posts: 1258
Joined: Sep 2009

It gets overwhelming at times, but we have a whole community going through this together. Thanks for the reminder of the support of our community, and the well wishes. I wish the same for you and your family.

KathiM's picture
Posts: 8077
Joined: Aug 2005

And see a time, post appointments, and surgery, and awfulness, of living!

Hugs, Kathi

just4Brooks's picture
Posts: 988
Joined: Jun 2009

This is just what I needed to see. I'm having a rough morning, you made me smile!!

Life is funny sometimes

Posts: 8
Joined: Mar 2009

-Thanks for the post-was feeling very emotional-still am. Very uplifting. My hsuband cracked under the pressure of this whole cancer and we just got back from his 9th ECT(that is shock treatment). It is sad and hope it helps him-cause it is real hard to do. We all have hard things to do each day before we can rest. All lot of it is good. We are in it for the whole ride. Have a good day!!

johnsfo's picture
Posts: 47
Joined: Oct 2009

Beautiful, Rob. Thanks!


ldot123's picture
Posts: 276
Joined: Apr 2008

Thanks Rob for that wonderful posting. Words to live by. Cheers, Lance

lesvanb's picture
Posts: 911
Joined: May 2008

What a compassionate way to describe our community here. Lifted my spirits today.

all the best, leslie

luv3jay's picture
Posts: 534
Joined: May 2009

So very very true...


Fight for my love
Posts: 1530
Joined: Jun 2009

Thanks a lot,Rob.

Kathleen808's picture
Posts: 2361
Joined: Jan 2009

Thank you for sharing your oh so true and beautiful words. You described it.

Dick is in the CAT scan group this week to see if the Folfori + Avastin are working.

All of us are forging ahead.


lisa42's picture
Posts: 3661
Joined: Jul 2008

Thanks Rob for this post- I love how upbeat and encouraging you are.
It's great to know we're all in this together and are supporting each other.
Have a great week, yourself!

Lisa (who's going for chemo Wed, chemo again 2 wks later, scanned end of month, and seeking
new treatment possibilities next month!) :)

Posts: 3692
Joined: Oct 2009

Thank-you Rob! You really captured the emotions & events that we all are going through. You put your words & thoughts together beautifully; it seems effortless (but I am sure it is not!)

Thanks so much for your inspiring words.

2bhealed's picture
Posts: 2085
Joined: Dec 2001

You do justice to your "calling" in surrounding us with your love. What a wonderful perspective for us to carry this week as we carry each other in our thoughts.

Thank you.

peace, emily who is drinking her juice as I write this! ;-)

tootsie1's picture
Posts: 5065
Joined: Feb 2008

I love it, Rob. Thank you!


pluckey's picture
Posts: 484
Joined: Jul 2009

Beautifully said and sooo true



nudgie's picture
Posts: 1482
Joined: Sep 2006

wisdom for a man so young :)

butterfly23's picture
Posts: 257
Joined: Mar 2008

Wow! So true! I'm thinking of ALL of you!

cyndi2324's picture
Posts: 72
Joined: Oct 2009

Thank You Rob! I needed that, it helped me and my husband.

Shayenne's picture
Posts: 2370
Joined: Jan 2009

Rob, that was most beautiful, and I'm going to put it on my fridge and bedroom mirror to see it everyday. You are such an uplifting person, this put a smile on my face today :)


pluckey's picture
Posts: 484
Joined: Jul 2009

I posted this on my blog, giving you credit of course!, and some wonderful replies


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