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endometrial biopsy

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Hi all
I am having some issues understanding my pathology reports. First’s pathology report found cancer through an endometrial biopsy on September 21 2009. On Oct. 20 2009 I had surgery. Afterwards pathology report said no cancer was found. How can that that be? Has any one had this happen? So did I have cancer or not?
Thanks SD

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I guess everyone can make a mistake but this one is concerning. What did you doc say??

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The oncologist had thought that the ob/gyn had gotten the one and only tumor when he did the biopsy at the office and it was UPSC. The oncologist was very relieved and believed that there was no cancer found during surgery and felt that I would not have to go through any chemo, but.... the pathologist after surgery found one tiny little tumor that was clear cell and made me Stage IIA, chemo and internal radiation.

There will be two path reports, first from the biopsy from the office and one from after surgery. If it was truely cancer I believe they would stage you as Stage 1A, no residual.


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I am concerned why your Oncologist is not reviewing the Path report with you.

You should not be left to guess what the heck is going on??

Also, what is the treatment plan? Did they discuss this?


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Hi again....
Just want to clarify. Pathology report said I had cancer only from endometrial biopsy tissue they took from me on September 21 2009.No other testing except for ultrasound and cat scan and they both did not detect cancer. Just enlarged uterus w/ thick lining.
When I had surgery on oct.20 2009 the pathology report said no malignancy found in 11 lymph nodes, uterus, tubes or ovaries, vaginal margin, and omentum.
My doctor explanation is all cancer cells were removed by endometrial biopsy done on September 21 09 and this cured me (because she got all the cancer cells in the biopsy) but the doctor did not know this until surgery on oct.20 09.
My problem believing this is would not the cells continue to grow until surgery in my uterus and still show cancer cells. I mean would not the cells continue to grow again even if she removed all of them wouldn’t they return with no treatment.
I am so confused I will see the doctor on nov 18 for more of a answer. There is not even staging of the disease for me because there was nothing to stage.
So confused.

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Time to have your specimen or slides sent to another facility to put your mind to ease.Sometimes you can pick up path slides and take them to another center. good luck. bonnie

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how do I do that? would they still have the slides after this legnth of time.
please help so confused.

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Even years after surgery, your pathology tissue is probably still preserved and can be used for genetic testing, etc.

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You can call another pathology department like Johns Hopkins for example and talk to them about getting a second pathology opinion. They will tell you how to get the pathology slides to them and you can ask who does gyne onc. They keep the slides and blocks for a very long time at the original place. The path dept. where you originally had them done will ship them directly to another pathology dept at another hospital---ask for the pathologist that does the most gyne onc to take a look at those slides so you should have them sent to a big center where they specialize. They then send them off back to the original hospital. You might have to pay for the fed ex- maybe not the second opinion. Then you can rest when you make sure they both agree. Good Luck and it is difficult but will have you sleep better. Sometimes the original hospital does not like to send the block and will just want to ship the glass slides for fear the block may get lost in the mail. Sorry for the long drawn out response.

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I had surgery in California so I had to transfer back to Philadelphia. They gave me slides to carry back to Philadelphia. It's safer for them to give you the slides and then you can give the slides to the pathology dept. and get a new pathology report. I wouldn't have them fed-ex or you might will lose them. Better to have them to give you the slides and they are yours!

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I wish I would have gotten a second opinion, just for peace of mind. Anyway... my gyn told me before I went to the gyn/onc that in some cases after the hysterectomy, the cancerous tissue is not found. He said usually this meant that they got it when the did the biopsy or D&C.

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I had severe endometriosis so I needed a total hysterectomy. After the hysterectomy, the path report came back and said they had found endo cancer. Therefore, they had to go back in and do a staging. At the staging, nothing was found. All lymphs nodes and washings were negative. So did I really have it? My records say that I had a Grade 2 Stage IIIa endo cancer (although some reports said Grade 2 Stage II). They treated me the same as ovarian cancer due to the fact that it was also found on one of my ovaries. I had preventative treatment. That was back in 2005. But I was never really sure that I had it.

However, due to the severe scarring, I believe something was missed. I just had a biopsy that came back positive for endo. Although it does not show up on the PET Scans or MRIs. It looks like scarring. It was there since 2005 on the CT scans. My thoughts are the same. Is it there or was it removed during the biopsy. Confusing, isnt it?

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