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power port

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got a port put in and the next day and still it is so sore and bruised. anyone else experience the same?

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It's my again responding to all your posts we must be at the same spot in our adventure. I don't have a port. I wonder what the deciding factor is?

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the port is so you don't have to be stuck time and time again all over to access a vein and it is less likely you will get an infection. thats what i was told anyway, ha.

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yes it will be sore and funny bruised, all the sticky around it makes it worse. the soreness will be gone in a week, as long as they are not acssessing it yet...... theyre not right?

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they accessed mine the second day and it brought tears to my eyes. i can finally sleep on that side again as well after 10 days but still bruised.

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I had a port. I loved it. Because I had several days of chemo, I kept the access in (kept the needle with tube in). I believe keeping the access in for a couple of days played a part in the port getting infected (only because I was sweating a lot. I made sure to watch to make sure the port was flushed during each visit). Eventually I had to have the port removed. But I loved having it. It is much easier on you.

So, be sure to do the same....make sure the port is flushed after every treatment.

If you continue experiencing discomfort, be sure to let your Oncol AND nurse know so they can keep an eye on you.

Take care and lots of huggggggggsssss

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thanks, it is getting better little by little. i will watch to make sure it is flushed after each use. thanks for your reply. take care.

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I had one put in June of last year, one week after I was told I had NHL, so I just went ahead and got one. They gave me a numbing cream to put on 1 hour before my treatment, which was the day after I had it put it,and I didn't feel anything. It worked great. I would suggest getting a tube of it,(I can't remember the name of it) as I use it every time, but make sure you put it on at the right time, then put a piece of saran wrap over it till you get your medication. They even take my blood from it. Although I did talk to a man that had three of them put in and had to have all removed because the body rejected them. For me and many others though it works great. The bruising will go away in time and you will not notice it so much.Keep your lip up!

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i think the cream is called emla.

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there is also a freeze spray that they can use right before accessing the port. to me, the spray is more painful than the stick. i've been very fortunate with my port...unfortunately, the power port was not offered until i already had my port put in...but i love it anyway...i've had it almost 4 years...not sure when the doctor will decide i can take it out. it's almost become a "part of me" and i'm a little nervous of having it taken out.

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I had my portacath put in today. It is a little sore right now. what type of nlh do you have and how are you doing? I have follicular stage 4 and trying to get info on it.

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Sorry to hear you are a little sore today, but I hope you feel better about starting this treatment instead of the waiting, it's hard.

Get rest when you can. Naps are a very good thing! Take it a moment at a time and know treatment is a very positive thing. Only good things and good thoughts are coming your way!

Take Care,


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