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Discussion boards should be fixed now

Your CSN Support Team
Your CSN Support Team Member Posts: 199
edited March 2014 in Prostate Cancer #1
Hi all,

The boards should be okay now but if anyone continues to have a problem, please use the "Contact CSN" link in the top right corner of the CSN page to send me an email.

Sorry for the inconvenience and frustration!

Your CSN Staff


  • lion1
    lion1 Member Posts: 241
    I thought you might find this humorous as I read your above post you closed by saying "Sorry for the inconvenience and frustration!"

    With me being incontinent and discussing it so often on this sight I read your email to say " Sorry for the Incontinence and Frustration!" and I said to myself, how true---how very true.....

    Lion1 :)