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How does ssd work if dignosed with small cell lung cancer

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Hi everyone;

I am writing about a friend who was just dignosed with small cell lung cancer a week ago. He was a postal worker and has cigma insurance and was scheduled to see a Cancer Doctor this Wed, But the doctors office called him and told him they did not except his insurance so now we have to go see another Doc named Dr. Gollard. If my friend has Cigma for insurance can he apply for SSD and try to get medicare also. He again was dignosed with small cell Lung Cancer which has more than likey Metastasized (sp) thats what the report says.

So I am clear with him, he was a postal worker until 2003 and retired but he than worked another job until 3 months ago that he quit. Can a Federal Worker that has Cigma also get medicare and SSD.

Thank you so much and God speed to all that are in need.


PBJ Austin
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Hello Kristy.

My info might not be up to date but I will share with you my limited experience with SSD.

About 3 years ago my stepdad was diagnosed with COPD/emphysema. A close friend of mine works at the SS office so she helped to speed things along as best she could, but even then it took several months for his approval for SSD. Once approved there was still a waiting period for Medicare. Sadly this is not a speedy process, at least it wasn't then.

I wish I had better news, but once again this could be old info. Wishing the best of luck to your friend.

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Kristie, there is a fellow whose handle is terato who seems to respond regularly in the Caregivers and Emotional Support boards. He has apparently testified before Congress with respect to issues such as the ones you have questions about and also seems to be something of an expert on insurance, disability and work-related issues.

Please re-post this in those two boards, where he is more likely to see it.

Best wishes to your friend.

Take care,


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