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CT Scan-Folox6 (not working---next?)

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Need advice - should we get a second opinion and where and how?

My husband dx'd with rectal cancer June 09 with mets to liver.
xeloda / radiation - 6 weeks - took care of symptoms.
CT scan - liver mets, still
Systemic chemo (mFOLOX6 / 5FU pump 48 hours / Avastin - 4 treatments
CT scan today - mets left and right lobe. Everything else seems clear..

He has not had surgery yet.They were trying to take care of liver first
and time is going by...

What can we do?

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Your thread had fallen to the bottom because of the 'single reply' threads about posting and Mark's death and I didn't want it overlooked.

I don't know about rectal cancer and treatments but, if I understand correctly, the radiation would have been for the cancer within the rectum and not the liver. Xeloda is the pill form of 5FU and I don't know if that includes the leucovorin portion, which actually keeps the 5FU within the cells for a long period of time to allow it to work better. Four tx's of FOLFOX may not be enough for a change to be seen. Eight more to go.

Don't give up! Ask for a 2nd opinion and I'll be praying for y'all.


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There are many liver surgeons out there that now specialize in liver only. We saw one at Stanford, he has done 200 liver resections and it quite "young". Unfortunately, not a candidate for liver resection. There are tons of treatments out there for the liver. Where do you live? It seems i have done so much research I could point you to someone in your area. Blessings, Marie

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Thanks for the information about the liver specialists.

We live in North Carolina, on the coast.
Have been going to the new Cancer Center in Chapel Hill near Raleigh.

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Don't forget to also google "clinical trials" and check out treatments offered- they should be listed for all over the country. Definitely get a second or even a third opinion & make sure that you're getting those 2nd/3rd opinions from oncologists/surgeons that are associated with a major cancer center, not just a small clinic somewhere. The larger research oriented hospitals/cancer centers are going to be the ones that have the most up to date treatments. It's amazing that one or two doctors might tell you very adamently one thing & then another doctor will be able to give you more hope and treatment options. Never give up!!


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