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Colon cancer and Ovarian problems

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I had my scans and they were o.k.except for an ovary that has a problem. The radiologist suggested an ultrasound. It is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. I am a stage IIIB. Just wondering if anyone has had a problem with colon cancer moving to the ovaries. I have read some reports that say this is rare so I am not all that concerned. But concerned enough to make sure I get the ultrasound done.

Any information appreciated.


  • Kathryn_in_MN
    Kathryn_in_MN Member Posts: 1,252
    It is common to have cysts
    It is common to have cysts on ovaries. I have had them for years. I kept my ovaries when I had my hysterectomy, and I still have cysts on them. If they ordered an ultrasound, that seems to me like they suspect cysts. I hope that is what they are seeing - they are no big deal.
  • sfmarie
    sfmarie Member Posts: 602
    My sister was dx stage IV in 03/09, with mets to ovaries, liver and peritoneum. So yes, it can and does happen! Marie