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B17 - Help Claudia!!

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Has anyone heard of this? I see that one person posted about her mother taking this and it was helpful for her stage 4 cancer.

Apparently this is the same or similar to laetrile - the controversial apricot seeds that years ago people were going to foreign countries to get. The person that told me about this mentioned that a friend inquired to his doc about this and got the response "I can't talk about it".

Claudia, you are the research expert - what can you find out about this? Is it legit? Maybe this is the magic bullet we all need!

Mary Ann

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Here are some interesting things I've found out during my research days.

When I was looking into the Crazy Sexy Cancer dvd by Kris Karr, I often wondered what it was that had enabled her to have all that liver cancer and not continue to get worse.

She changed her diet to an almost exclusively vegetable juice one with extremely heavy reliance on wheat grass as her predominant food. I read a lot about wheat grass but simply could not find the answer to what was so special about it. I knew from reading research papers and books, that staying away from animal based proteins and caisen in milk could slow cancer's progression to an almost halt.

Then, at some point in all of my research, I found mention that wheat grass contained laetrile, and the Ah Hah light bulb went on in my head.

If I thought I was going to die of cancer, I would change my diet to a whole plant based one, with an emphasis on greens and wheat grass juiced.

But that's just my humble opinion, and as we all know, I am not a doctor and do not try to give any sort of medical advice, especially not advice that someone else's life might depend on, I'm just saying.

As always, love, health, joy and success to us all,


Anonymous user (not verified)

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Hey, I just called you, but you must still be on the computer typing away. Did you really have a spot on your liver or was that just the most marvey pooh poem ever?

It was Kris herself who had all those tumors on her liver. I think the count was something like 21 of the buggers.

About the juicer thing. What if instead of putting it back into the juice, which really sucks, I tried that, if you add it to spaghetti sauce or some hearty vegetable soup type thing that you make.

I think I'm going to move to Oregon where my sister and mother live. I simply cannot get into going out here and even attempting to make friends and I am running very solo, 'cept for my daughters who have their own lives. at least in Oregon there will be hundreds of thousands perhaps a million people to choose friends from. There's culture and wonderful rail system (we don't even have a bus around here, forget about rail), museums, galleries. There is nothing here, not for quite some distance around. I'm going to check on the population in and around Portland where my sister lives.

It's a good thing there's spell check or this would be a mess. I am a very poor typist on the whole.

Love to a friend,


Here's the Portland info:

1980: 1,106,000

1990: 1,515,452

2000: 1,874,449

So, about 2,300,000ish by now. should be able to find a few friends there, eh? Pop here is a whopping 10,500 yerp, that's ten thousand, and no culture to speak of 'cept,ah???? I got nothin'.

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I have a question regarding liver and kidney function. First of all I only have 1 kidney due to chronic infections as a child. Recently both the liver and kidney function have been off. I don't have the numbers since the doctor told me over the phone but I will be getting a copy this Friday. From my research dandelion helps with both of these functions by cleansing them. I did get some capsules from the local health food store and of course drinking lots of cranberry juice (100% juice). To date no other treatment but surgery. Has anyone else had this problem? The liver I'm thinking is because I could only take Tylenol. Not sure why the kidney is acting up. Last week I did see the urologist and he didn't seem too worried but I want to do all I can to protect my one and only kidney. Also, I asked my gyn/onc if the cancer could have spread to the kidney and he said no. Kinda of goes to the link of back door feelings.


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I'm quite good at spelling, not so good at typing, SO WHAT!

Your spelling and typing are JOLLY and JOYFUL!! It's the meaning, not the mechanics.

Thanks so much, you two for all your effort!

I've only been to Portland once - about 18 years ago. I think it was the middle of June. It was sunny all week except for one cloudy day. Lots to do and see, many interesting inhabitants, both great and quirky art, beautiful nature venues all around, fabulous food. Really good public transportation. Courteous drivers. Big but not overwhelming. Interesting and varied neighborhoods. Well worth scoping out. I'd love to go again!


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If no one sells B17 in U.S., where do people go to buy this vitamin? Anyone knows?
I would like to explore everything possible to help mom since she is considered terminal with this darn disease.

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Joined: Jan 2009

I sent you an email regarding this. Be very careful of any source of medicinal product that doen't come from a bonafide pharmacy. Also, to give you something to do to feel and perhaps be helpful, watch the Kris Karr dvd, Crazy Sexy Cancer. She had about twenty tumors in the liver, completely changed her diet and lived. My dad only drank ensure and didn't really try any dietary changes and died. I didn't know back then any of what I know now.The title has nothing to do with the dvd except for the refusal to be brought down. Feel Free to call, I think you have my number. I went through some of the end phases of undiffentiated cancer that had attacked my dads liver, backbone and some other areas. It is an incredibly devastating time for you, I have felt your pain.

Love you and yours.

As always, love, hope, health, success and joy to us all.


Nancy, would you have time to email me about the things your mom can and can't do. Or does or does not care to do.

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