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Alternative treatments for ALL

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I am so tired of this... my wife had cancer for the first time 10 years ago, when she was only 20 years old. She went through a VERY painfull chemo and after 3 years, they told her she was cured. 2 years later, cancer was back... 2 more years of chemo and radiation, this time even MORE painfull. Again, they said she was cured.

Last year we got married, moved to Canada and we were living our happy life together... now cancer is back AGAIN!!! WHEN is she going to have some rest??? WHY is this happening to her??? I can't stand her to go through all that pain again, I feel like the uselest person in the world, watching her hurting and doing nothing about it...

I really don't trust any doctors anymore, they don't have a clue about what they are doing, the only thing they know is to give her VERY TOXIC drugs which eat her inside and make her scream with pain and feel the worst... we don't wanna go through that again, is there anybody here aware of other types of treatments, which don't cause pain and suffering? I read some articles about people who chose to not go through chemo, only special diets with lots of vegetables and fruits, and they are doing fine. Maybe something with lots of vitamins, I dont know...

I really appreciate any input on alternative, PAINLESS treatments for cancer. She has acute lymphocytic leukemia, and she cannot have a transplant. She's doing fine for now, she stopped working but she can still do normal things in our house.

Thanks a lot,


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Dear Mark,

My name is Cuddles and I'm 16yrs old. I am a survivor of ALL. I was diagnosed 37 months ago, recieved a Bone Marrow Transplant forn a non-related donor 2 yrs ago January 12th of this year and am holding strong. I'm sorry but I don't know much about alernative treatments. I did what I had to do to stay alive. And alive I am. I will look around and see what I can find for you

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Hey- I'm sorry that you are being faced with cancer a third time... but it can be survived.
I am 17 and a survivor of a cancerous tumor under my arm and of ANLL- leukemia.
I received a bone marrow transplant in december of 95 from a non related donor and am doing well to date. A friend of my mothers also had ANLL and she is an adult survivor- treatments and symtoms vary in adult and childhood cancers. She isn't very far into recovery yet- but she is also doing well.

A friend of mine survived a brain tumor that kept comeing back -about 8 times
cancer can be survived...
a good diet can help- but I am a firm believer in docters... true a lot of times they suck- but ALWAYS get more opinions... at LEAST 5 or more!

and I know you feel useless, but you have no idea how much you just being with her- suffering with her helps. just being in the same room with her helps sooo much-
I was just wondering why your wife can't have a transplant?

please don't hesitate to e-mail me- support is everything- even if you just need to vent about a bad day. AND don't forget to incorperate humor into your life- I lived on it- it is hard but you have to laugh.

One day at a time.

You are in my prayers.

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I just wanted to say that I am going through very similar things to you. My fiancee was diagnosed with ALL when he was 18 (four years ago) and it has come back four times. It came back after heavy chemotherapy three times. After his bone marrow transplant 16 months ago, they said he was cured, but it came back. Initially, six months ago, they said it was "completely curable" and now they are saying there is nothing they can do.

My fiancee is on MGN3 which is a natural killer cell enhancement drug that we get from a natural food store. It hasn't done miracles for him, but I know that it works for others. It's also been suggested to him that he go on a macrobiotic diet. Other things that I've been told about include red clover, pau d'arco (though I've heard that can have nasty side effects), green tea, garlic and Essiac tea. I don't know about the effectiveness of these treatments. He's been on them for about a month and a half, and they haven't done much.

If you find anything about alternative treatments, let me know, and I'll do likewise. If you ever need to talk, I'm here..

The most important thing for me is to never give up hope.


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I'm so sorry for all that you and your wife are going through. I know it seems like an on-going nightmare that you can't wake up from..but you will.

My fiancee also has ALL, with the Philadelphia Chromosome which make this form of Leukemia only "treatable" with a marrow transplant. Well, we've had TWO different marrow donors back out of the process and there's no other candiates on the list for him. He recently started the 'Macrobiotics' diet about 5 weeks ago and it has been difficult for us. He has also done some research a Dr. Loraine Day, who also offers some other alternatives and advice.

However, tread carefully Mark. I fear that some of these people offering the "magic" cures for cancer are nothing but todays version of snake-oil peddlers..do you really want to put your wife's health in their hands??

Take care and be strong.


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Are you still there, my wife is still alive year after terminally diagnosed w/cancer thanks

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