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Dad just diagnosed with stage 3b-4 lung cancer given 3-6 months to live

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We were just told Friday that my dad has stage 3b-4 cancer that has travel to his lung from an unknown origin. He has been batteling blood clots for over a year now and in the past month has been hospitalized three times for fluid on his lung. He had a PET scan two weeks ago that showed nothing and in around the beginning of August when they removed 1 1/2 Quarts of fluid from his lung they didn't see cancer. The second time they removed fluid cancer cells showed up. The Doctor who is suppose to be the best oncologist in Delaware said that there is no way of beating this and that we should do what we can to make him comfortable. It is so shocking and confusing. He did say that chemo is an option but that the cancer has entered the blood stream and it won't change the prognosis because they don't know where the cancer originated. I don't really know what to do at this point. He is hospitalized right now, he has a chest tube because of the fluid. If anyone has any suggestions or hope that they can offer us i would appreciate it. Should we change his diet or is it too late at this point? The doctor offered us no hope and not a lot of answers.

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My husband also had the fluid drained many times and had the chest tube. They found cancer cells in the fluid which is called malignant pleural effusion. He had the talc inserted which sealed the hole in his lung. It sounds like your dad's cancer is in the lymph nodes which would indeed carry it into his blood stream. My husbands only option was chemo and he had a combo of gemzar/carbo. His latest ct scan showed significant improvement....so don't give up. Never "ever" listen to statistics! These doctors base their prognosis on 30 years studies and chemo has come a long long way in 30 years! My husband could barely walk 2 ft when he came home from the hospital about 2 months ago and now he is walking around the entire house with no assistance. He no longer sleeps all day and has gained 20 lbs. Not everyone is the same I know.....but don't give up hope. Please come back here if you have questions or concerns because there are many here who can help. Good luck to you and your dad. You'll both be in my prayers!

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Wow who made them God.
I hate that when they tell you how long you have to live. Did they give your Dad A pet scan?
That should give them a hint where it is anyway maybe not where it came from but at least where it is.
Hope things turn out good. You and your Dad are in my prayers.

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I had a petsscan in May and they found the cancer. I was operated immediately after.. since 8 weeks ago I am doing fine, working doing my regular routine I did before I had any problems. recently they gave me what is called ad estreoescam and they found no trace of any more cancer in my entire body. I am 77 years old and I had my concerns but I had faith in my doctors. I was never told anything like this. I suggest you contact ROBERTS WOOD JOHNSON IN NEW BRUNSWICK N.J. and talk to someonE there at the THORACIC DEPARTMENT. Or even go to DEBORAH'S But do not take one Doctor's final DEATH SENTENCE...THEY ARE NOT GOD. we have people on this list who were told the same and they are still here years later......SO.... DO NOT GIVE UP.

Love and get well..

Don Carlos

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just found out today stage 4 from surgeon by just looking ? large cell was told (dont know what that means)
surgeon said it was all over chest cavity

my mom 63 just drained fluid today hmmm we just starting this so might be on a few times


bill from kc mo

does any know if kansas university med center is best option or?

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My 75 year old father has just made it through radiation/chemo for Lung cancer stage 3b spread into lymph nodes in left lung. Went to the doctor for follow up visit, once again severe dehydration and extreme fatigue. he got fluids through PICC in his arm. The doctor prescribed oxygen for him to use while sleeping. Blood oxygen very low now. I am hopeful that he will get some energy back and start to eat normally again. My advice to all who are caregiving or dealing with this, is expect the worst and hope like you mean it for the best, all the while practice breathing yoga, meditation and pray that you or your loved one just feel better. One day at a time trying to stay positive and keep him comfortable.Don't give up, don't let the meds get you down and try to stay strong.
Think of you here! Art

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Thank you for the responses. I had a little hope for a few days but unfortunatley the cancer had caused other problems. My dad passed away just 6 days after being diagnosed. My prayers are with all of you.

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I am so very sorry for your loss. It was clear how much you loved your father....please take care of yourself.

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