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choice of surgery

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Hi y'all!
I was diagnosed with a small tumor on my right kidney 2 weeks ago while takiing an MRI for my uterine fibroids. Thank God for technology such as MRI's, CAT SCANS, and dye, that can show early detection!!! Early detection is a blessing! I am 32 years old!

Please help: My doctor at UCLA LA said I can either get a partial nep. which would open, OR a full kidney removed with a small incision and less pain, faster recovery, smaller scar.
Please help me in choosing what surgery to get. Has anyone ever had the laser with the small incision? Is it painfull. Has anyone ever had a partial? Is it painful? They don't know if it is cancer or not, they can't tell by the CAT, but don't want to take any chances!!

Please tell me your surgery experiences.

Cancer is a dreadful disease! AND TO ALL... with Love....
I am praying for everyone all over the country with cancer. BUT , Stay positive, find something to do to keep busy!! Don't let the fear of cancer consume you. When I lay in bed to recover from my surgery, I am going to begin writing my book. I am not going to die, or think sad thoughts, or think that every pain or lump is cancer. Stay off the boards that tell dreadful cancer stories!! Pray Always.

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I was astounded to find this study, and I want to share: http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct/show/NCT00050752?order=2
I wonder if there are any other conditions connected to renal cell carcinoma.

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Interesting - I have fibroids and had Papillary renal cell carinoma. Found he mass by accident when looking at my fibroids with a CT scan. Stage 1, had a partial nephrectomy, which is good since the papillary type (which they don't know until it's removed) tends to come back on the other kidney if it comes back.

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I had a laporoscopic nephrectomy...small incision, faster recovery, smaller scar...and am very thankful I had that option. I can't say whether it is more or less painful than another kind of surgery -- any intrusive surgery is painful. But I can honestly say that, for me, laporoscopic was the way to go!

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I had an open partial nephrectomy on January 27th. I was in the hospital for 2 day post surgery and have an 8 in scar. I was ready to return to work 3 weeks post surgery. I had no complications and only minor pain. The staples were removed 1 week post surgery.

I had laproscopic surgery in 2001 to fix an acid reflux problem. I found this surgery to be much worse than my open nephrectomy. I was in the hospital for 6 days post surgery with many complications and was not ready to return to work till 8 weeks post surgery.

The most important thing for you to do is find a doctor you are comfortable with and who has quite a bit of experience in which ever procedure you go with.

I wish you all the best. I know what you are going throug.

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I had a partial 4/16/03 i can't say the recovery wasnt much longer it took a good 3 to 4 months
for me to feel myself again. I had my choice to
have a full or partial kidney removal. I chose
the partial and i am happy with my decision. I
am a 38 year old female who still has 2 functional kidneys. So I guess what im saying is yes the recovery is longer but I am glad I still have 2 kidneys. God bless...

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hi i had a partial and i have a scar from navel to shoulder. yes it hurts like hell. but you can do it.

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Hi -- I had my right kidney removed laporscopically last May. My doctor didn't really give me a choice, the tumor was encapsulated in the kidney. Luckily it was stage 1, no spreading -- like you, I am thankful for ultrasounds and CAT scans for early detection. If I had a choice, I would base my decision on long term survival chances -- I would put up with a longer recovery, more pain, scarring, etc if it meant that I had peace of mind. Take care! Your mood sounds upbeat -- I agree with you when you say stay away from negative cancer stories. Watch comedies, read humorous stories and surround yourself with positive people and thoughts!

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I would be tempted to start with the partial surgery and see if it is cancer first. I know you can live with one kidney, but if you don't have to why do it? If they find out it's cancer you can always go back and have it removed.

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i am only 34 and i just had my left kidney removed plus the adrenal gland on feb. 14th. i had a giant cancerous tumor on the kidney "renal cell carcinoma" and it was found through an ultrasound to look at an ovarian cyst!!!! we are very blessed to have technology! you are right!
i had laparoscopic sugery. i would reccommend it. the scar above my belly button is only 5 inches plus 2 less then an inch on my side. the other surgery involoved 22 inch cuts plus removal of a rib. but i had to have the whole kidney out.
i am ok and i wish the best for you.

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Hi, my kidney cancer was found after finding my colon cancer! Lucky is the word!!! I had a full removal of the right kidney and they thought they got everything, but four years later it has come out on the adrenal gland there, too. I wish they had taken the gland at the time. I am hoping for a laproscopic surgery next week. Otherwise, they will have to go through the back, remove a rib and get at it that way. That is because of the many problems I have had with the colon cancer I an no longer a good candidtate for surgery. There are other treatments available: radio freguency ablation is a new approach, but very, very promising. You might want to look into some of those therapies. I am going to the MD Anderson Cancer Center (although I live in IL), I did go to the U of Chicago and they recommended either MD Anderson or the Cleveland Clinic! Don't panic, make an informed decsion that you can live with. My scar goes up the belly and around the waist, but it means nothing to me! I would gladly have surgery every 4 years if it meant I could continue to live! God Bless

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