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And Now Swine Flu!

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Last Tuesday I finally dragged my daring teenage son to the doctor for a respiratory infection that he had been nursing for about a week. The doctor did the nasal swab test. We knew in an hour or two that he had the flu (no fever, but definately type A flu). Today they called to say that he absolutely had swine flu. Great! I have missing lung tissue and don't even go around the Sunday School nursery to avoid strep and now my own son has exposed me to the flu of the decade! The good news is that he still hasn't had a fever, it was more like a bad cold with lots of nasal congestion and achy joints. The doctor just says to wash my hands a lot, eat honey, and don't go anywhere or do anything. For the next week to ten days! Except for the spoonful of honey now and then, this is not easy. He's hyper and I'm feeling shut in. I'm wondering what I should do if I come down with it. Anyone out there have to deal with the Swine flu as a lung cancer survivor?

C. Abbott

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Hi cabbott,

i haven´t but as you are aware, in Mexico there was a pandemia of that disease and my doctor (oncologist) recommended me to get my neulastim shot and eat well to keep my defenses high, There is a treatment for that swine flu and been a cancer patient you can still get it according to my doctor as the only vaccines you can not get are the ones with live strains included.

Just stay calm, follow your doctor instructions and try to protect yourself with the things doctors use to protect their mouth and nose during a surgery (don´t know the word for that in english). Ir may be a little hard to use that every day when at home but you can really get over this flu untouched.



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No answer here either, but consider this: the CDC is estimating that more than one million people in the USA have contracted swine flu, most, obviously, oblivious to the fact, attributing their maladies to colds and 'regular' flu and so on.

Yes, my friend, the effects on you, should you acquire it, are apt to be more severe than for the Joe on the street. Still, you exercise religously, if I read you right, and take very good care of yourself. You are probably, in very many ways, healthier than most people walking the streets.

Do not forsake your son :). (I know that you will not.) I think that all of us who have had lung cancer worry about this, in particular. I know that my wife, the nurse, lives for many hours every day in an environment where she is apt to contract it (or something else) and bring it home. She advises that they take extreme precautions, but you never know.

I decided that it is what it is.

I only wish that I took care of myself in the manner that you do, CAbbott... you will be fine.

Take care,


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I have been running a fever for several days, so I can somewhat relate. It has completely knocked me out. I had a full blood work-up done and the doctors aren't exactly sure what's causing it.

If it turns out to be Swine Flu, I am going to the nearest BBQ shack and ordering the biggest plate of pulled pork I can...just to say "Take that, pig population!"

But seriously, take care of yourself and be cautious. Make sure you're getting plenty of vitamins. When others in my house have been sick, I have constantly sprayed the place down with Lysol.

Posts: 1048
Joined: Aug 2006

Well, about two days after the nasal swab test,my son started feeling better. At the recheck, the doctor did reiterate that he had had swine flu. He was okayed to go back to running (yeah!) but has to use hand sanitizer and avoid kissing babies (not that he would anyhow) for about another 2 weeks. I felt kinda dragged out the whole week he was ill, but that may have just been a side effect of having a sick teen. In any case, currently the swine flu is mostly only nasal congestions, an occasional cough, and achy joints around this area. The doctors tell me that they are worried that it will be more severe next winter. Unfortunately, having it now may not stop us from getting it again next year. So I will eat honey, take my vitamin C and eat my veggies, wash my hands often, and get plenty of sleep. Good luck with your fever! I hope it is gone by the time you get this email.

C. Abbott

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