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Sonny Day 4 Post Surgery Bladder Cycling

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It's the end of day 4 and I have just completed my first day of the Bladder Cycling Process.

First let me say that every day gets amazingly more and more comfortable. There was no pain today, not even sneezing and the level of discomfort was almost nil.

Most of the day was spent turning the Catheter on and off and holding my water in the bladder.

I started the process by turning the catheter valve off, which directed the urine to be stored in the bladder. When I felt urgency I urinated in the measured receptacle, then I turned the valve open and let what was left in the bladder go into the collection bag. This also was measured to determine how much was left in the bladder when I thought I was done. The I closed the valve and began the process again.

I did not try to really delay the urgency by clenching the muscles since I thought this would do more harm than good. I have read too much here about how the Dr.s have told you to delay the resumption of Kegels following surgery. Likewise I did not use the muscles to try and force out the last little bit. Same muscles and same reasoning.

There were no drips, no drops and no leaks between cycles. This was very encouraging.

Today it seems as though the timing was about 1hr30min to 2hrs each time and the amount retained was fairly consistent. I had to track the voided and retained amount on a chart and I have to take the chart with me to the cath removal appointment. I guess then I will find out the importance of the amounts.

Must be a good reason for this, they have everything planned down so tight, this must be something they developed to assist in obtaining continence again.

Other than that is was just the same ole day of recovery. There was a lot of interest expressed on this forum about the Supra Pubic Catheter so I am trying to be as complete as possible in the details. If I left something out, let me know.

I know boring post, but in the interest of science and helping my fellow PCa man, here it is.


60 years old
PSA November 2007 3.0
PSA May 2009 6.4
Diagnosis confirmed July 9, 2009
12 Needle Biopsy = 9 clear , 3 postive
<5%, 90%, 40%
Gleason Score (3+4) 7 in all positive cores
CT Organ Scan - negative
Nuclear Bone Scan - Negative

Surgery done on September 17th by Dr. Menon, Vattikuit Urology Institute, Henry Ford Medical Center, Detroit.

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Sonny, Thanks for sharing again. When I had the traditional Cath removed I really pushed fluids and was going to the bathroom from 1 hour to two hours all day. So sounds like you are right on track. Glad there are no drips. I sat on the riding lawn mower yesterday (Didn't run it) and had one minor drip when spreading my legs in that angle to get on it. Other then that no drips or dribbles. I wanted to try it since we are renting mopeds in Bermuda next week for 1 day of site seeing. Closet thing I could think of two getting on and off!


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Hi and Im glad recovery is going so well. Thanks for the info on the supra catheter. I know it wont help me but I was interested in whats it all about. I am now almost at 3 weeks and I feel almost normal. I can walk as far as I want with no discomfort. I read Larrys report and had to go try sitting on my lawnmower too. No leakage at all.My only issue is even though I dont leak I feel like I have to void my urine even when I dont. This is a minor issue and if its all I have to deal with I say Hooray. Good to hear you recovering well and my prayers with be with you still. Recovery is not really that bad other than the lifting part. I am an active person and hunting season starts in Oct. so im anxious to get back to normal. Peace to all here and I know your posts will help someone in the future so keep being detailed.....Nick

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