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October 8

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Joined: Nov 2008

Tomorrow I will sit back and reflect on what one year has done to my life. As I hold my Granddaughter I will feel blessed and thankful for all that are in my life. Tomorrow will be one year since I was told I had cancer. And as I sit and reflect I will hold one finger in the air and tell cancer **** you, you didn't get me and you're not going to!!!!!



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Isn't it great to have the year behind you.....FOREVER!! Enjoy life to the fullest and best wishes always..... HUGE hugs!!


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How closely we walked this journey together, my dear Marge! I had my surgery on October 10th 2008, so I too will raise a glass (and a finger!) in salute to that anniversary.

I had a BETTER milestone today: I got my first post-chemo haircut! My chemo curls were in the 'Pre-Mullet' phase where my hair was curling up in a whispy flip over my ears and at the back of my neck. Now I just have super-short hair, but it looks DELIBERATE instead of an unfortunate accident. I'll try and get a new photo to post.

We leave for Athens October 12th, and won't be back until the 24th. I'm in full excited panic mode now!

LOVE YOU, Marge. I have a book to send you when I finish it: "Between Me and the River: Living Beyond Cancer". It's a great book for this '1 year out' time of our remission.

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Can't wait to get some hair again. How long did it take after your last chemo? Right now I look like a newborn with prominent veins on the top of my head.

Have a great trip.

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Posts: 296
Joined: Nov 2008

Enjoy Greece!!!!

Looking back at our posts and when we found one another and how this site has grown is truely amazing. You just know God has his hands in it! Life is good my friend and hope that we can meet face-to-face soon...



P.S. Did you really ever think that getting a hair cut would be so exciting. When I got mine I felt like a little kid and wanted to tell the whole world!

lindaprocopio's picture
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Joined: Oct 2008

I was totally bald for 7 long months. I had my last chemo in late March, and only yesterday felt my hair was long enough to even consider a haircut. I stopped wearing my wig or a hat 90% of the time in June when it got hot, so 3 months after my last chemo. My hair was still so thin then that my scalp showed everywhere at that point. It's a long wait for hair; I hate to tell you that. But the good news is that your eyelashes and brows come back REALLY soon after chemo is over. I personally missed my eyelashes and brows more than my hair. And being done with chemo is a gift in itself; THAT's for darn sure!

It will be another year until I have a hairdo that looks at all like 'me'. But I am thrilled to have hair and will never complain about a bad hair day again in my life, as God is my witness!!

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I did not realize it could be 6 months before a haircut was needed. I finished my last chemo in August. I was hoping for hair before 6 months. Mine is coming in very slowly. I visited my 6 week old great-niece and she has more hair than me. Still no significant eyelashes. Like you I miss the eyelashes more than the hair. I never lost my eyebrows.

Hope you have a wonderful time in Greece. How is your energy level now? I hope you get to do all you want to while you are in Greece. It will be a great celebration for all you and your husband have been through.

I love the picture with your grandson. I am sure the grandkids love spending time with you, just as you love spending time with them. Enjoy. In peace and caring.

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Congrats Short Marge! You have to go through it to understand it. And you understand it! My hair came in very white and black. I am very relaxed with the hair coming in; it was slower than when I had the breast cancer treatment. Sometimes I am afraid to love it too much as I know how one test can turn you into a woman without hair quickly! I must give myself the freedome to enjoy now. I am proud of you!

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