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Great news!

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The Best News Ever about my Mom!

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Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to finally update the board on my Mom's pathology report. There are NO signs of cancer!!!! Just to refresh...my Mom was hospitalized for sepsis in August. While there, they did a CT of her belly. It showed several masses in the uterus and outside the uterus. It suggested a disseminated sarcomatous process according to the pathologist. My Mom then had her TAH and BSO 8/26. We met with the surgeon after the surgery and he said he was pretty sure it was all benign.

Today we met with him for the follow-up appt. He gave her the good news. I did read the report, and it said she had a pyomyoma. Which is an abscessed/infected fibroid. So, this had to be her source of her sepsis. From my researching on the internet, it's a rare and potentially fatal complication of a uterine fibroid. Luckily, she got to the ER and received antibiotics in time.

The last 7 weeks or so have been an emotional rollercoaster. I truly believed my Mom had cancer. I figured it was stage 4, going by what all of he docs were saying while she was in ICU. I was picturing myself taking her to her chemo appointments. I really believed it!

I just want to say "thank you" to all of you ladies out there who helped me and gave me words of encouragement when I would post on here. I can't remember everyone, but Patricia, Susie, Karen, Marilyn, Linda were so uplifting and hopeful. I'm truly sorry for leaving anyone's name out of here, it's not intentional.

I truly wish good health for you ladies, you deserve it. I hope everyone goes into a lifelong remission and live happily ever after.

God Bless everyone.


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Dear LeAnne,

That is absolutely wonderful news. It's the kind of news that let's you take a very deep relaxing breath and smile hugely.

I love your last line--I hope everyone goes into a lifelong remission and live happily ever after--I also wish that for us all every day.

Drop by periodically and say how things are with you and your mom, I know we would all love to hear from you.

As always, love, hope, helath, success and joy to us all,


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Nice to hear someone have good news. A serious crisis averted.

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What terrific news you had and we are all sooooo happy for you and your Mom! You are such a good support for your Mom and know that will continue!! She is a lucky Mom to have you!

Live life to the fullest.....every day!!


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I'm so glad for you and your Mom. This weekend we took my Mom to see old friends and being with her I realized how close we came to loosing her to breast cancer. You don't realize how precious life is until you face something life-threatening. Enjoy your time with her!

God bless,

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I am so happy for you and your mom to have such great news after all of the worry. The holidays are coming and going to be festive. Health and happiness.

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I'm soooooo happy to hear your news!


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