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survivor wife
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Joined: Sep 2008

Hi All,

What is with all the hiccups my husband is having. Seems they are there every time he eats or drinks. Any idea? Any remedy?


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all through my post op chemo regimen...don't know why just did...they will subside or go away completely just as they came on.......patience young grasshopper.....just another bump in the road.....Bless ya both, Clift

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Had them sometimes for hours,they will go away .


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Paula G.
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My husband had hiccups too. They were real hard for a couple of days after treatment. He was on Folfox+ Avastin. He had a reaction to the OXY on is 7th treatment and went 9 thru 14 without Oxy and he dosen't get them anymore. Better ask your Onc. Paula

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